• Oscar Grant Got Killed By A Cop In Cold Blood And It’s Getting No Attention.

Oscar Grant is a name nobody that didn’t know the man should know.

But he was killed in cold blood by a cop in an Oakland transit station on New Year’s Day.

This may not have gotten the attention it did if not for the cell phone recorded video that has been posted online. You know what, technology keeps getting more useful.

I have just seen the clearest-so-far clip of the murder. I warn you, this is brutal, and it happens late in the clip.

The officer, who has resigned from the force, has not been charged at all for anything, which is almost mind numbing.

Oakland mayor Ron Dellums is quoted to have said:

“Even with our anger and our pain, let’s still address each other with a degree of civility and calmness and not make this tragedy an excuse to engage in violence,” he said. “I don’t want anybody hurt. I don’t want anybody killed.”

Which is bullshit. If you don’t want anybody killed, then bring this officer, Johannes “Hoping his name is so difficult to pronounce that nobody will cover this” Mehserle to justice. Deliver a fucking body already, Dellums, because Mehserle already has.

And finally, Mr. President Elect, speak about this. You may be surprised to find out about this, but you’re black. The country needs you to have one of your great speeches, now on the topic of excessive force from the police to minorities and the public in general. This country needs someone of power to say that Enough Is E-Fucking-Nough. You know you’re the right guy for the job. I know we have a troubled economy on all of our minds and bank accounts, but this is important.

More from the Times of UK article I’m sourcing:

Videos shot by onlookers on camera phones show Mr Grant being pushed onto his stomach shortly before Mehserle fired his gun at his back. The bullet ricocheted off a pavement and pierced his lung, killing him.

The victim’s family claims that the officer shot him deliberately but some have argued that he may have thought he was firing his stun gun.

A group of angry demonstrators smashed store windows late on Wednesday, set fire to cars and clashed with officers equipped with riot gear and tear gas in downtown Oakland. More than 100 people were arrested and about 300 businesses were damaged.

Extra police were posted at Bay Area Rapid Transit stations after the rioting and a demonstration passed off relatively peacefully yesterday. At the mayor’s request, the Oakland Police Department has launched an investigation into the shooting.

Mehserle was initially placed on paid leave. He resigned from the BART police force on Wednesday, but officials say he has refused to speak with the transit agency’s investigators.

BART officials said the agency is trying to conduct a thorough investigation, but that the public appears to be making judgments about the case based on raw video online or on television.

First off, the stun gun shit is pure Dept. Spin. The stun gun is a rectangle. A hand gun is not. Get out of here with that nonsense.

Further: They’re making judgments from raw video? How dare they view actual source material and not listen to what they’re told? This ricochet theory may in fact be true, but it doesn’t matter if it were a ricochet or not in terms of the fact that Mehserle should have been hauled down to the station for a full fucking debriefing. An investigation shouldn’t have been something happening just because of a request from the Mayor.

This reminds me of The Wire, seriously. Remember when Prez blinded the kid with the butt of his handgun when him, Herc, and Carver were out at night up to no good? That was some seriously in need of Internal Affairs fucking shit. But he skated cause of his family ties to the force.

Facts are sourced to this post from The Times of London.


• Barack Obama is Kinda like a Reverse Tommy Carcetti

1. Will probably never cheat on his wife.

2. Black man with potential to be elected to the office of POTUS / White man elected Mayor of modern day Baltimore.

3. Both, though, may inherit a shit economy.

4. Carcetti had a black chief of staff, Norman Wilson, while Obama has a white chief of staff, Plouffe, it seems and I can’t remember the last non-family member black person I’ve seen the man with.

5. Obama aspires to Bartlett level politics; Carcetti was grounded in a much more realistic desperateness.

• New Nas Video “Be A Nigger Too”

Nas, getting his 25th Hour* on, in the new video for the song “Be A Nigger Too,” off of his self-titled release NaS, formerly known as Nigga, which was originally to be titled Nigger.

Who makes teaser posters for music videos?

The same people who put effort and thought into music videos.

And when did it start that the internet became the place you’d find the best videos first?

Celeb cameos: Larry Gilliard Jr. AKA D’Angelo Barksdale, Andre Royo AKA “Bubbles”, John Cho AKA Harold Lee, Gbenga Akinnagbe AKA Chris Partlow, and James Kyson Lee AKA Ando from Heroes.

* Fuck Dirty Harry, Spike Lee is right, Eastwood’s head is up his ass.

• The Wire Series Finale, “-30-“, S05E10 The Truth & Nothing But It.

Jay Landsman, hater of the negligibly Irish, and excellent Eulogizer

“-30-” the title of the episode is one of the few titles in the history of the show that you don’t really know unless you’re a journalism nerd or, the possible polar opposite, a wikipedia peruser. Wikipedia explains the title thusly:

“–30–” is a journalistic term that has been used to signify “the end” or “over and out” since the Civil War when telegraphers tapped “XXX”, the Roman numeral signifying 30, to end transmissions.

This was the end of the show. But what you could see coming a mile away was that this would not be the end of all of the characters. Simon has not held back in the past with ending major, beloved characters, who we probably thought would be in it until the end. When Stringer Bell was offed, that was a moment for me to think that the show is not beholden to it’s characters. That the show payed homage to the issues, and the show stayed true to this practice until the end.

The most important of these issues to the show being that you do not lie. Simple enough truth and ideal, right? Tell that to anybody who didn’t know what was going on during the back and forths between Daniels, Pearlman, and the Mayor’s Office with Nerese pitching in the extra innings to end Daniels; and that one scene wherein McNulty and Rawls argued over the specifics. The institution and it’s unwillingness to be honest in order to survive peaked with last night’s episode, with Carcetti’s speech to the press, where they tip-toed around the truth, and lying through dishonesty.

The lifers, the my-career first individuals, are the villains of the show throughout the series. In the finale, Daniels continued to straddle the gray line between being righteous and protecting family, by holding his ire back to let Ronnie survive. He would do it back in the day, biting his tongue to help now ex-wife Marla get elected. His decisions are noble because it’s never his career he’s looking out for. He would have thrown McNulty in the Hague even if it meant he had to step down, but since it would require Pearlman to fall on her own blade, as Carcetti would say, he held back. The first amazing moment in the finale returned us to the closed circuit cameras in the Police Department as McNulty and Daniels rode the quietest ride on earth. Norman’s fits of laughter hold a place in my heart, he seems to be the show’s writers voice if they ever had to spend time in a back office deal. The too-perfect connection between the storylines is just too great not to rip into with a snort and a giggle.

Going back to the unadulterated bullshit: Scott Templeton. Pulitzer Prize Winning Scott Templeton. It’s sad to say but this entire plot was pretty easy to see coming. I didn’t include it in my grievances piece yesterday because, well, it’s not that big of a problem. It was only something we could see coming because we’re closer to that plot than to any of the previous focuses, and that we sort of know where The Wire will take us: the success of jackasses.

And finally, the truth telling within the Baltimore Police Department. Rawls being the liar, the stupid fucking asshole of a liar. Trying to pin all of the murders on the crazy man just proved that Rawls is always going to be a Stat Juker, and that’s why he got promoted, again the advancement of the douchebag. McNulty finally finding it within him to stop his inner liar is what saved him, and after he found the reason within him, he was back together with his lady in no time. But before he was free, he had to die. Or, rather, his career had to die.

Here is the last section on The Truth, that I’d like to talk about, the very much above image of Landsman conjures probably one of the best dark senses of humor in the show’s history. Here is his speech from the wake (which I got from NYMag.com):

He was the black sheep, a permanent pariah. He asked no quarter of the bosses and none was given. He learned no lessons; he acknowledged no mistakes; he was as stubborn a Mick as ever stumbled out of the Northeast parish just to take up a patrolman’s shield. He brooked no authority. He did what he wanted to do and he said what he wanted to say, and in the end he gave me the clearances. He was natural police. And I don’t say that about many people, even when they’re here on the felt. I don’t say that often unless it happens to be true. Nat’ral po-lice. But Christ, what an asshole.

And I’m not talking about the ordinary gaping orifice that all of us possess. I mean an all-encompassing, all-consuming, out-of-proportion-to-every-other-facet-of-his-humanity chasm — if I may quote Shakespeare — “from whose bourn no traveler has ever returned.” He gave us thirteen years on the line. Not enough for a pension. But enough to know that he was, despite his negligible Irish ancestry, his defects of personality, and his inconstant sobriety and hygiene, a true murder police. Jimmy, I say this seriously. If I was laying there dead on some Baltimore street corner, I’d want it to be you standing over me catchin’ the case. Because brother, when you were good, you were the best we had.

And that’s a truth I think Simon wanted to get back to, that McNulty at his core is good at being an officer. While the McNulty is Smarter Than Everyone Else code cracking scene happened almost too quickly, I think the eulogy hit the nail on the head and through the bullet-ridden shoe that was pretty good at staying still next to the bottle of Jameson. Putting his badge, his whiskey, and his stupid youth behind him, he was able to sit down on the porch with Beadie and she was able to relax and just be there with him. Once in his life he was just with a woman, and not arguing with her. This is a new truth for Jimmy, and I think he can live with it, as we saw him accept life from his view on the road.

• The Wire, “-30-“, #60 (S05E10) Negative Reactions.

This is a reaction, so saying Spoiler Warning is kind of redundant. After watching the episode, I’ve talked to a bunch of people, and the response seems to be positive. One thinks that the finales for Six Feet Under and The Sopranos were better.

David Simon, I expected nothing more than perfection. You slipped up a tad bit, so I have to call you on this.

I’m torn because I loved it, but the season did not have it’s normal flow, as I’ve said before I blame HBO for this, but Simon should have readjusted the homeless plot angle and some other lines so they fit the smaller season. Blame does have to fall down to him. I’ve got a lot of love for the finale, and that I’ll give my full effort to in the coming days, for now, I’m going to go through the areas of the finale definitely show the problems:

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• The Wire – “-30-” – #60, S05E10, Series Finale Preview

HBO uses this as their preview image, I have a feeling it won’t be the summary image come tomorrow.

Despite my problems with season five, this is still the best show I’ve ever had the luxury of watching. I still care about each and every character on the show, something I will never say about The Sopranos (I could have gone the entire last hour without a second of Carmella). On The Wire, I even care about McNulty’s ex-wife. Care enough to want her see Jimmy where he is and maybe feel bad for leaving him in the lurch. All I know regarding tonight’s episode is what we’ve seen in the trailer, so this (late) post will have nothing new for those caught up. If you’re not caught up, do not click on the jump … (AKA SPOILERS IF YOU’RE NOT CAUGHT UP). Continue reading “• The Wire – “-30-” – #60, S05E10, Series Finale Preview”