• The Return Of That’s Racist … Where To Start

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What he said.

What he said.

So as you may know, polling shows that John McCain is currently electorally fucked five ways from Friday. So where does the former Straight Talk Express, now Race Baiting Rail Car go? It transforms like Megatron into the Fear Mongering Ford Four by Four.

Senior McCain surrogate w/ the last name Keating but not the first name Charles brings up Obama’s drug use as a youth.

The middle name Hussein is everywhere among people introducing Sarah Palin. This knob did it in police uniform and is about to get pwned by people who give a damn.

I think “That One” may not have been McCain being racist, but McCain baiting people like the hicks I linked to a few posts ago into trying to learn how to vote.


• Finally, the Harold Ford Jr. style ad against Barack Obama

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McCain campaign mega douchebags: is your memory that short?

Now, the McCain campaign has finally crossed this line we all knew they would. Assume they won’t think they’re actually being racist until McCain yells the N Word during a town hall, and the tries to act like he’s mispronouncing Niger.

Link summation:

ABC article re: McCain 08 Commercial, where’s my THAT’S RACIST GIF when I need it?

Harold Ford Jr. is about to get a lot of press thanks to this.

Rob Riggle, mispronouncer.

• “THAT’S RACIST!” Part II: Fox News Substitutes “Baby Mama” for “Wife”

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Fox News Headline:


Are we surprised at all? Or maybe they’re quoting Lieberman without using his name.


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Wherein we introduce a new segment, an homage to the Wonder Showzen catch phrase: THAT’S RACIST!

O’Reilly on teenagers’ topless photo scandal: “[T]his isn’t … the inner city; you would think that these kids would have some kind of a values system”

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