With A Frequency as well

So here’s a common argument I’ve found myself on the defensive end of since the dawn of social networking websites. I post too often.

This came up most recently with Twitter, where I currently have a locked/private account you can only access with an account and my approval, where my posts (tweets, in twitter speak) have leaned towards the complaining and bitching end of the This Is What’s Happening Right Now To Me spectrum.

I can explain why it happens in two ways, the first is more practical and the second is more thematic of the ongoing pattern.

I “follow” more people on Twitter than some of my friends do, and to have my posts keep up with the people who aren’t complaining, who post much more often, I post a lot. I follow > 100 people on Twitter. Not my fault you follow 30 or less. Addendum: yes, it’s also not your fault that I follow so many people.

And the other reason: I’m an over-sharer. You don’t have to be on the internet to know that when telling a story, I’m almost too detailed in the telling. This relates to the above point as it’s a simple corollary to understand that if I like to digest more information, that I’d like to share more information.

Sometimes, though, I understand that what I’m saying, like a lot of tweets, can be classified as chaff and not wheat. This is me understanding the situation, and also saying I’m going to work on it.