• Coates is doing a reading, So that’s where I’m gonna be tonight

Ta-Nehisi Coates, writer, gamer, and the man at The Atlantic Monthly who isn’t Andrew Sullivan that me and mine link to, is gonna be at the Court Street Barnes & Noble tonight at 7pm for an event for the paperback edition of his title The Beautiful Struggle: A Father, Two Sons, and an Unlikely Road to Manhood. Read some of his blog, I’d be amazed if you don’t dig it. I don’t own the book yet, but I expect this to change tonight.


• I’ve Met Chuck Klosterman & All I Got Were Some Nice Autographs

Not from last night's event, but still not a good sign in regards to Klost's health.
Not from last night

Here’s the thing about Chuck Klosterman, he’s disarmingly unguarded. You see him do a reading and a Q&A and an autograph signing, and he reads it like he’s reading it to himself. His intonations have no signs of any overt control or self consciousness, they are just him having fun.

But why should Klosterman, who made Pop Culture Trivia Ninja a possibly respectable position in this country, be having anything but fun right now? He’s written 4 pieces of non-fiction pop cultural reportage as I’ll describe it, and this week released his first novel Downtown Owl, which I’ve started but am not quite enamored with yet. He damn well packed the Union Square Barnes and Noble reading area on the 4th floor to capacity, as well as the quasi holding pen area that the overflow arrivers like myself stood in. He has one fan rabid enough to bring him cupcakes from the bakery they work at, which he was ecstatic to recieve, but I did overhead that he’s rabid for cupcakes of the Red Velvet variety.

Said fan was about 4-5 in front of me on the line, and by the time I got up to Chuck, the girl in front of me was telling him how Killing Yourself To Live saved her life, which, interestingly enough, was one of the ideas I’d posited to friends about the weeks prior to the start of my senior year when I was meandering around Bard Campus during L&T. This left me with little to talk to Klosterman about with, especially as I used up my token stupid question “What publication wouldn’t you write for?” (Answers: Grit, Highlights for Children, but maybe he wants to …).

By the time I walked away with my signatures on my copies of KYTL & DO, I did learn one thing, Chuck Klosterman likes my headphones. Also, he also predicted earlier in the night that Obama will win in another nail biter and that the Eagles will win the Superbowl.

• On Their Way …

> The Kick Ass Week wherein we tie a balloon to the mailbox in SoHo as the universal sign for PARTY OVER HERE, almost the “Good-Bye SoHo” party as I’m on my way to Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

> I’ve owned a few pieces of tech that I’m feeling ready to review (headphones, laptop).

> Review of the amazing McSweeney’s #27.

> I’m about half-way through Grand Theft Auto IV and think I’ll soon be able to issue words.

and finally, tomorrow …

> The end of HRC 2008. The end of my attitude towards it and her. It would be worthless to continue that campaign when we’ve already got the Incredible Crash Dummy himself McCain on the way.