Dispatch From The Shallow End Of The Get Up

Tomorrow is April 8, and 1 week into the spookily titled The April Experiment. If you saw the Halloween 2008 episode of Bill Maher – and you remember how he said “Nancy Peloooooosi” in a spooky voice – you know how I stretch the R out in experiment.

Which is to say that while I am pushing myself to improve, I’m still an esoteric weirdo. One who tries to go to bed before 11pm in order to wake up at 6AM and then make it to the gym. I’ve done it three times in the 7 days since April started. Pretty happy with the way it’s going.

And in lieu of work, here are links and descripts to/of what is getting pixels on my screens lately:

The Required Reading, which I’m late to the game on plugging, is:

The Big Takeover, Matt Taibbi’s colossus of an article about the backstage dealings with the economy, a piece that makes me want to castrate Hank Paulson on live television.

And here is an interview-slash-feature about Taibbi’s work and his own backstory.

Trent Reznor talks to DiggNation about his experience running his own version of a record label.

Ta-Nehisi Coates thinks on Mos Def vs. Christopher Hitchens from the Maher from a week from Friday. The embedded video in his post is no longer functional. Here is a link to a YouTube of it. Here is where I say I’ve decided to no longer embed videos on the blog. Embedding clips is cute, but really, I’m not making videos, not yet at least, so why should a blog of my writing and linking feature clips, which at WordPress is something that doesn’t always work right, MSNBC’s faulty video embeds come to mind.


A big piece from Glenn Greenwald on the troubling matters coming from Obama’s DOJ.

The Brüno Trailer is fucking epic.

2DopeBoyz are getting their OkayPlayer on.

Flying Lotus and Blu hooked up for a collaboration.

And now, for thoughts, without links, about the two white rappers of the moment, who really do not need links. Asher Roth is new for rap, but comedy fans might know him by his real name Dane Cook. I’ll keep making that joke until I find the leak of his upcoming record and when it doesn’t gargle ass-crack sweat. Eminem’s return song/video came out today, it’s called “We Made You,” you can find the song and video if you google it, and to be honest it’s proof that Marshall Mathers refuses to change his schtick. He still uses that busted fake mid-east accent. He still rips on female celebs who won’t fuck him. He still dresses up like male celebs who are hasbeens, his not-so-distant-future territory. He takes no risks on the song, none. Personally, I think the era of the white rapper as being important without really bringing much of anything to the table is done. Then again, we’ll see how their upcoming records sell. My esteem for a country that puts Nic Cage’s Knowing at #1 for the weekend box office is so low that I could see both of their records moving units despite a lack of any reason for that happening other than melanin deficiencies.


• Links, WithAPassion.com style (brief and snarky, you know how it is)

Dear Lorne Michaels, here is your new Obama impressionist. Let Armisen spend his SNL’s awkwardly making out with dudes like he did last Saturday.

But on a more real note, let me say that since Our Tanking Economy is all of our newest interest, I’ll try and do some coverage here. By some coverage, I mean I read Krugman’s blog and will try and share things if they warrant the space or more importantly, if I can understand said items. Today, Krugman goes all Nate Silver on the numbers and shows our economy is inextricably linked to the world economy.

Also in bailout news, here’s a shocker: Hank Paulson is starting to think that the bailout money, that $700 billion of ours, he may not want to spend it all right now. You know, be … smart about it?

Obama may have to put down the blackberry, but it’s kind of sad because that might have more to do with a fear of being on record saying something he wouldn’t want to associate himself with, rather than, you know, not being that dick in the movie theater with a glowing screen coming out of their pocket. Arianna brings up an interesting point tonight, we’ve got some smart bastards, why can’t they write a hack-proof program for Obama and only Obama?

Remember Rick Warren from the Saddleback Ranch Dialogue between Obama and McCain? Turns out he’s a much much bigger douchebag than anyone in the MSM was letting people know.

Either Prince is a homophobe or Perez Hilton has a better fact checking set up than The New Yorker. The end result is sure to boggle minds.

So I gave a little cred to Kutcher for his Big Oil should bail out Big Auto idea, but in the rarely mentioned (at least here at withapassion.com/, where this and the Prince blip are sole recent moments, to the best of my knowledge) topic of celeb gossip, I should point out a series of back and forths between Kutcher and Dan Savage that, if true, reveal Ashton Kutcher to be … well, either a homophobe or just plain uncomfortable with his name and homosexuality being bandied about together. Are those the same thing? Tell me loyal commenters.

Mark Cuban and Martha Stewart now have something else in common aside from being dicks, Insider Trading! Deadspin explains.

Finally, what the fuck Missouri, where are your fucking votes?

• Links A Plenty, also Barack is up by 11 in Gallup.

In addition to all of this, one of my favorite political writers is about to start blogging (again?). I’d rather not say who, as it was said in a quasi private aside, but let me say, I’m fucking hyped. I’ll be quick to blast the noise here once it’s more public.

Please Lorne, do not have Sarah Palin on the Thursday Weekend Update Desk Thingamabobit.

Cindy McCain, the she-male crypt-keeper, not that there’s something wrong with she-males but there’s something wrong with this one, scares the shit out of me.

MI: If you torture us with Palin, please give us Fey to cleanse the now shit stained palate.

John McCain, and I quote, “My Fellow Prisoners,” EPIC FUCKING FAIL.

Andrew Bird was fucking awesome @ the bland Hiro last night.

Mmmm, it’s like Christmas early in OH, or as I’ll now refer to it, SnOhio.

Andrew Sullivan highlights the brilliant Tim Dickinson piece on The Make Believe Maverick who is John McCain from the most recent Rolling Stone. It turns out that John McCain has always been a collosal knob.


This ACORN hullaballoo, and it is hullaballoo until proven otherwise, has me hoping that Obama’s lawyering up for 11/5.

As per my earlier post on Drudge’s lack of positive debate spin in McCain’s favor, here are snippits of conservatives shitting themselves over another missed opportunity by their give-a-shit-less leader.

Who was McCain’s real pick for VP?

We are a country with retards that aren’t mentally handicapped, they’re hicks. Any other term than hick does not suffice, and yes, I’m a dick for this comment. But you know what, we all know that.

Twitter reax to the debate.

• The Legend of WithAPassion: Links To The Past

Yay, the media is doing their job, and covering the Sarah Palin charges for Rape Kits Story!

But that kind of Biased, Totally Biased Steve Schmidt Says, Journalism must stop soon!

Sarah Palin: CLINIC BLOCKER. Tell everyone you know.

Sorkin by way of Dowd: Barack meets Bartlet, it’s good.

As much as I agree with Maher about how we need less religion, Sullivan and Corso are right that Bill is becoming a bigot towards the religious.

Manhunt, a book about the 12-day, well, manhunt, for John Wilkes Boothe in the shadow of the assassination of Lincoln. It’s the source material for the next David Simon project.

Ron Paul runs this Truth Thing.

McCain has to hire a car wash crew to clean the slime off him before he goes to sleep at night.

New trailer for Oliver Stone’s W. This one is HYSTERICAL.

Bloomberg media no likey McCain.

TVOTR news: Dear Science onsale tomorrow, 3rd Brooklyn night onsale Thurs. @ Noon.

Incredibly shocking story about McCain and the POW’s possibly left behind. So well researched the media has no excuse for not reporting on it other than the fact that they’re deferential to the candidate. Thanks to Emilia for reminding me about that one.

Jack Curry shows I’m not the only one who was astonished that Torre was not even mentioned at the end of Yankee Stadium.

Bill Clinton <3’s McCain and Obama Equally. Someone tell Bill there’s a time and a place to be happy and fair, and pre-election ain’t it.

• Linking rather than Sleeping.

I’m not even close to asleep. I’ll try and do something to this measure as often as possible.

The News/Media:

Getting Felons Their Vote Back

HuffPo article on strengthening Washington Mutual, who in fact, I bank with and am not too secure about.

Another Huffing Post, this on Alec Baldwin’s book about how divorces go UUUgly. Also of note, New Yorker feature on Alec Baldwin.

Regarding Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza being a Drudge-ite and general knob.


Bruce Sterling, on gaming 35 years from now. Sterling, whom I’ve met, is awesome.

Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation hates Spore. Not surprising, but still hilarious. Christ, Spore looks stupid as shit.


Diablo Cody says: O HAI H8ERS!


Camp Lo: Lumdi Vid.

Black Milk in the studio.

SLU (Swagga Like Us), sez everybody.

Even Diddy himself.