I’ve met Elizabeth Moss (Zoey Bartlet/The West Wing & Peggy Olson/Mad Men).

I recently cancelled my cable tv service. This surprised many.

Most likely to be found with headphones on ears and the printed word in front of eyes.

Knows more about pop culture and technology than is good for him.

Well intentioned.

Foul mouthed.

Someday, intends to be paid to review culture and help rid the world of The Hills and similar pablum.

Shoot me an email: henrytcasey at gmail dot com

Narrative thus far:

Oct. 1984: Born in New York City
May 2006: Graduated Bard College
Working the 9 to 5 since.
Oct 2007: Published in Patek Philippe International, interviewing artist Thomas Allen whose blog is here
July 2008: Registered
March 2009: Published @, reviewing Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under The Hood

Tools of the trade:

MacBook Pro (02/08 refresh)

Henry, elsewhere:


5 Replies to “Meta”

  1. Henry, don’t hate British Music because Mark Ronson is the shit. And don’t hate Bill Simmons, unless you’ve listened to his podcast. Then hate him for sounding like a pre-pubescent end-of-the-bench nerd who never disagrees with one underwhelming thing his “guests” say. Otherwise, you’re not allowed.

  2. British music is hated on purely for the following reason: the British rock media thinks that The Beatles Coming To America is happening with every damn Arctic Monkey who swims over here, and that Americans should be really really happy for it. Ronson I’m actually about 60/40 on right now, as “Just” is pretty fresh.

    Also, no hating on Bill Simmons. Reread that entry, before his name, you’ll see he’s in the Good list.

  3. Oh, yes, apparently a year removed from college has brought a significant decline to my reading comprehension. Bill Simmons is a good idol. “True” bloggers hate because of his mainstream success, but fuck ’em, haters hate.

    As for Ronson, I dig about 60% of his CD just like you, but he’s much different than anyone else out right now, and he makes real music. I appreciate that. Plus, his rendition of Toxic featuring ODB is beyond sick.

  4. Henry, I always enjoy your random musings on art and entertainment. Your words fill me with joy.
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy my new blog:
    Let me know what you think.

  5. Tom:
    1) Very respectable photo.
    2) Badmouth The Dark Knight at your own peril.
    You’ll be blogrolled once your post on that movie is up and interesting enough for me to reccomend your blog. So far: congrats on bashing abba.

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