The State Of The Blogger, Summer 2010

As you may know, I’ve started a website with Jesse Myerson called The Busy Signal, which thanks to a core of writers, has started well. It is a website, unfunded and unmonetized, of contribution based blogging on the important topics of the day. This week, we push off the ground again to make sure our own problems, productivity, don’t continue to get the better of us.

If you enjoyed, I’m sure you’ll enjoy The Busy Signal, if you havn’t joined that program already in progress.

That being said, WithAPassion isn’t done yet, and there are other avenues I’m currently driving down as well. In terms of where I’m writing, here’s a rundown:

Features, the serious kind, will go to The Busy Signal, and will be linked to both here and at WithAPassion’s Tumblr edition.

These articles include the piece that will go up later today, “Big Windbag … ” – a lengthy focus on Andrew Breitbart, and not only why he and his cause are phony, but how his supporters and his favorite people on the right are wrong. In two weeks at the most, “Strike Three, Walking Away From the MLB,” on how I’ve decided that baseball isn’t worth the time and attention anymore, thanks to Bud Selig, and other elderly fools.

Sub-feature length pieces, and the less than serious works, will be written for, and will be linked to at the Tumblr.

These, will be your A&E reviews. Concerts, TV, etc. Upcoming for concerts: Nas & Damian Marley @ Williamsburg Waterfront, The Arcade Fire & Spoon @ MSG, Rock The Bells @ Governor’s Island, and Aziz Ansari @ Town Hall.

Small pieces, moments to be captured, etc., will be written for the Tumblr.

Seemingly, this includes things like poor product design captured at it’s failingest, and screengrabs of equal fail (i.e. Drake getting the frontpage)

Brainfarts, as always, are on the Twitter. As will be as many links to the above as I can do without alienating that whole game.

Finally, there’s an idea I’ve been kicking around called “You Do Realize …” which is still in the planning stages.

Your faithful, and at times MIA, blogger,

Henry Casey


One Reply to “The State Of The Blogger, Summer 2010”

  1. Such wisdom in making “sure our own problems, productivity, don’t continue to get the better of us.”

    Getting out of our own parochial heads and honing our voices at the same time is the holy grail.

    Eva B.

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