On my way back.


A proper warning. I’m working on an insanely long blog post about the iPhone that I’m either releasing in one bomb drop (no drones, no Flex) or a series of manageable posts. (Which would you prefer? I’ve barely gotten past the intro and I’m at around 600 words, drop a line in the comments with votes on this) It’s not a “new” topic, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I’ve had it for long enough to put a well informed review up.
Warnings on two counts: 1) Insanely Nerdly, 2) Do not expect class warfare talk about how it’s for the rich or the insidious nature of AT&Ts political donations, those mass mailers for Credo do that more than enough for my taste.
Also: I might turn off the comments feature if I don’t get much of a reply. It’s not too heartening to have an empty comments section. So, comment!