Henry Casey is On The Get Back in April 2009


So you thought I didn’t post at all back in previous months? Well, things aren’t going to be frequent, but they won’t be as rare as they were in some of the sparser times over here at withapassion.com.

I will write a script in April, as a part of Script Frenzy.

I’m going to actually keep going to the gym, and this will happen twice to thrice a week.

April 6 – Baseball Season as well as Fantasy Baseball Starts.

Along with a friend, I will read Bolano’s 2666 this month.

Hunting down a coffee bean grinder that can get me uniformly coarse grinds.

Hunting down the right computer mouse for home and for work.

Two of the greatest dumb movies are to be released: Crank 2: High Voltage and Observer and Report.

But also, I will write a post to the net on a weekly basis.

Topics to include checking in with progress on the above as well as Whedon’s Dollhouse, Breaking Bad, Lost, Our Shit Economy, and I’m going to try to answer a question:

Why do video game companies hate me and the rest of the non hdtv-verse?


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