No, THIS is why you’re fat:


When McDonalds gives the hungry overfed masses a new delight, they slap a “Mc” before a word like Flurry, Rib or Nugget, creating a brand new term for the masses to learn. Kinda like how Apple used to slap an “i” before every product name. But then Dunkin Donuts comes along and tries to introduce a breakfast bastardization and doesn’t even do the public the service of slapping a comically moronic name on it, which most will use as a means to not always order it. Nobody would order a McGriddle (the McOriginal this above frankensandwich is a carbon copy of) every day, but a “Waffle Breakfast Sandwich” doesn’t roll off the tongue nearly as inhumane.

So a good few friends linked to this digital archive of gastronomic nightmares, ThisIsWhyYou’, which is simultaneously amusing and nauseating, the seeming bastard brainchild of the food television world’s current champions Man Vs Food host/guinea pig Adam Richmond, and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives host Guy Fieri, both hosts of shows whose mottos could be reduced to three words: Gluttony Is Good. Between these shows, current national trends both dietary and economic, and the above sandwich, it seems like the goal is to make overeating boring and normal, or are we there already?


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