• All the news that’s … actually News.

I was pondering whether or not to blog on this, mostly because I don’t have film or links to show as source. But I was watching Olbermann talk about Rendition today. Sure it’s nothing we, and by we I mean smart fly-to-state America, didn’t already know about, but it’s a subject that needs more attention.

And what does Anderson Cooper, when I was channel surfing a couple nights ago, talk about(and yes, this is just one segment, but even bringing this non-news-story up is bullshit)? He had a fucking segment on the Jett* Travolta death and connections to scientology. This is the further continuing death of journalism we saw in the overwhelming coverage of the death of Jennifer Hudson’s brother, a story that had no place getting as much as it did in coverage.

This is why I still respect The New York Times, and why I prefer the MSNBC progressive talking heads power hours: the stories they cover that could be seen as fluff are relegated to the tail section of the show and treated as not-real-news. Further, they cover the funnier stories, not the manipulative bull that is celebrity-family-deaths.

* Jett, are you fucking kidding me? He named his son after the thing he likes the most? Way to insult your kid.


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