• Sarah Palin’s “Class” Difference

Sarah Palin is now complaining that Caroline Kennedy is getting treated with the kiddie gloves that she did not because there of the “class” Kennedy belongs to, and we can infer, Palin is claiming she does not.

There are a great many things wrong with this malarkey.

First of all, Sarah Palin, you may have heard at some point that you are, “the gift that keeps on giving,” and well, this is not a compliment. You gave the national media, a pack of bored hyenas the reddest meat they could have dreamed of: a yokel-sounding shit talking cougar who is stubborn enough so that she has no idea when she is factually wrong, which in your case, turned out to be as often as when words came out of your mouth. There seemed to be about 3 things you’d say per day that made anyone grounded in reality snort milk out their nose. Caroline Kennedy, on the other hand, has only really given the media one thing, her diction, or lack of control thereof. No factual missteps, no troopergates, no prego-Bristols, no Bridge-To-Nowhere … I could go on, but you know, Sarah, you must have seen some of it all, there was a lot that was covered of you that seemed critical. Why was The Big Bad Media being so critical of poor ol’ you? Because you were wrong.

You want to know why Kennedy isn’t being torn apart by every single late night host still earning a paycheck? She’s asking to be chosen to fill the Carpet Bagger Senator Seat of New York, not running to be elected as Vice President, to a Presidential Candidate whose aesthetic made one eager to put his name in an office death pool.

The social class thing, though, really? What defines social class? Your … well, diction? That folksyness of yours? That bullshit put-on folksy nature used to make the retarded fifth-grade dropouts who voted for you either want to be you or want to … how would you put this … “Drill, Baby, Drill”? Well, okay, here are some of the differences I can find between you and Caroline:

One: Caroline Kennedy sleeps in a four post bed, and Sarah Palin falls asleep in her in-house tanning bed.

Two: Caroline Kennedy speaks The Queen’s English, while Sarah Palin speaks The Burger King’s English.

and finally, one of the reasons why many will never take you seriously, Sarah, is this gem:

Caroline Kennedy was the subject of the song “Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Diamond, and Sarah Palin was the subject of a porno Larry Flynt made called, “Nailin’ Paylin.”


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