• This Pro Israel Commercial You May Have Seen On TV

Almost thought about embedding the video, but yeesh, no. Click the image for it.
Almost thought about embedding the video, but yeesh, no. Click the image for it.

I’m admittedly, and possibly surprisingly, without bias when it comes to the neverending shit story that is the crisis between Israel and Palestine or however it’s supposed to be phrased this week. Well, maybe I do have a bias: People Should Knock This Shit The Fuck Off. I picked up the recent Economist to try and see if I could gleam anything from them, they seem like a rag which could be close to neutral on the affairs (readers, please tell me I’m wrong and inform me on that one), but I didn’t get much from it other than people are reacting out of proportion right now and chill pills need to be handed out.

So there I was last night when I saw this commercial urging people to call some phone number and voice their support. The commercial, from The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews seems to only be airing on MSNBC currently, which is one of the only networks I can be relied upon to watch anymore (seriously, I had no idea yesterday was when Scrubs relaunched on ABC), kind of sickened me in it’s cloyingness. That and I was already (and still kind of am) sick, and had nothing left to puke up, which I probably would have done if there was anything left. But the bile was already on the TV.

Little did I know that beyond being completely manipulative, they fucking photoshopped in some explosions, as Gawker reports. Jesus B-F Christ. MSNBC take this shit down already.


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