Tomorrow, Our President Is Black

I’m really without words.

So, some videos:
Young Jeezey & Jay-Z – My President Is Black, LIVE
Young Jeezey & Nas – My President Is Black, Official Video


Tomorrow, Our President Is Black


• All the news that’s … actually News.

I was pondering whether or not to blog on this, mostly because I don’t have film or links to show as source. But I was watching Olbermann talk about Rendition today. Sure it’s nothing we, and by we I mean smart fly-to-state America, didn’t already know about, but it’s a subject that needs more attention.

And what does Anderson Cooper, when I was channel surfing a couple nights ago, talk about(and yes, this is just one segment, but even bringing this non-news-story up is bullshit)? He had a fucking segment on the Jett* Travolta death and connections to scientology. This is the further continuing death of journalism we saw in the overwhelming coverage of the death of Jennifer Hudson’s brother, a story that had no place getting as much as it did in coverage.

This is why I still respect The New York Times, and why I prefer the MSNBC progressive talking heads power hours: the stories they cover that could be seen as fluff are relegated to the tail section of the show and treated as not-real-news. Further, they cover the funnier stories, not the manipulative bull that is celebrity-family-deaths.

* Jett, are you fucking kidding me? He named his son after the thing he likes the most? Way to insult your kid.

• Oscar Grant Got Killed By A Cop In Cold Blood And It’s Getting No Attention.

Oscar Grant is a name nobody that didn’t know the man should know.

But he was killed in cold blood by a cop in an Oakland transit station on New Year’s Day.

This may not have gotten the attention it did if not for the cell phone recorded video that has been posted online. You know what, technology keeps getting more useful.

I have just seen the clearest-so-far clip of the murder. I warn you, this is brutal, and it happens late in the clip.

The officer, who has resigned from the force, has not been charged at all for anything, which is almost mind numbing.

Oakland mayor Ron Dellums is quoted to have said:

“Even with our anger and our pain, let’s still address each other with a degree of civility and calmness and not make this tragedy an excuse to engage in violence,” he said. “I don’t want anybody hurt. I don’t want anybody killed.”

Which is bullshit. If you don’t want anybody killed, then bring this officer, Johannes “Hoping his name is so difficult to pronounce that nobody will cover this” Mehserle to justice. Deliver a fucking body already, Dellums, because Mehserle already has.

And finally, Mr. President Elect, speak about this. You may be surprised to find out about this, but you’re black. The country needs you to have one of your great speeches, now on the topic of excessive force from the police to minorities and the public in general. This country needs someone of power to say that Enough Is E-Fucking-Nough. You know you’re the right guy for the job. I know we have a troubled economy on all of our minds and bank accounts, but this is important.

More from the Times of UK article I’m sourcing:

Videos shot by onlookers on camera phones show Mr Grant being pushed onto his stomach shortly before Mehserle fired his gun at his back. The bullet ricocheted off a pavement and pierced his lung, killing him.

The victim’s family claims that the officer shot him deliberately but some have argued that he may have thought he was firing his stun gun.

A group of angry demonstrators smashed store windows late on Wednesday, set fire to cars and clashed with officers equipped with riot gear and tear gas in downtown Oakland. More than 100 people were arrested and about 300 businesses were damaged.

Extra police were posted at Bay Area Rapid Transit stations after the rioting and a demonstration passed off relatively peacefully yesterday. At the mayor’s request, the Oakland Police Department has launched an investigation into the shooting.

Mehserle was initially placed on paid leave. He resigned from the BART police force on Wednesday, but officials say he has refused to speak with the transit agency’s investigators.

BART officials said the agency is trying to conduct a thorough investigation, but that the public appears to be making judgments about the case based on raw video online or on television.

First off, the stun gun shit is pure Dept. Spin. The stun gun is a rectangle. A hand gun is not. Get out of here with that nonsense.

Further: They’re making judgments from raw video? How dare they view actual source material and not listen to what they’re told? This ricochet theory may in fact be true, but it doesn’t matter if it were a ricochet or not in terms of the fact that Mehserle should have been hauled down to the station for a full fucking debriefing. An investigation shouldn’t have been something happening just because of a request from the Mayor.

This reminds me of The Wire, seriously. Remember when Prez blinded the kid with the butt of his handgun when him, Herc, and Carver were out at night up to no good? That was some seriously in need of Internal Affairs fucking shit. But he skated cause of his family ties to the force.

Facts are sourced to this post from The Times of London.

• Sarah Palin’s “Class” Difference

Sarah Palin is now complaining that Caroline Kennedy is getting treated with the kiddie gloves that she did not because there of the “class” Kennedy belongs to, and we can infer, Palin is claiming she does not.

There are a great many things wrong with this malarkey.

First of all, Sarah Palin, you may have heard at some point that you are, “the gift that keeps on giving,” and well, this is not a compliment. You gave the national media, a pack of bored hyenas the reddest meat they could have dreamed of: a yokel-sounding shit talking cougar who is stubborn enough so that she has no idea when she is factually wrong, which in your case, turned out to be as often as when words came out of your mouth. There seemed to be about 3 things you’d say per day that made anyone grounded in reality snort milk out their nose. Caroline Kennedy, on the other hand, has only really given the media one thing, her diction, or lack of control thereof. No factual missteps, no troopergates, no prego-Bristols, no Bridge-To-Nowhere … I could go on, but you know, Sarah, you must have seen some of it all, there was a lot that was covered of you that seemed critical. Why was The Big Bad Media being so critical of poor ol’ you? Because you were wrong.

You want to know why Kennedy isn’t being torn apart by every single late night host still earning a paycheck? She’s asking to be chosen to fill the Carpet Bagger Senator Seat of New York, not running to be elected as Vice President, to a Presidential Candidate whose aesthetic made one eager to put his name in an office death pool.

The social class thing, though, really? What defines social class? Your … well, diction? That folksyness of yours? That bullshit put-on folksy nature used to make the retarded fifth-grade dropouts who voted for you either want to be you or want to … how would you put this … “Drill, Baby, Drill”? Well, okay, here are some of the differences I can find between you and Caroline:

One: Caroline Kennedy sleeps in a four post bed, and Sarah Palin falls asleep in her in-house tanning bed.

Two: Caroline Kennedy speaks The Queen’s English, while Sarah Palin speaks The Burger King’s English.

and finally, one of the reasons why many will never take you seriously, Sarah, is this gem:

Caroline Kennedy was the subject of the song “Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Diamond, and Sarah Palin was the subject of a porno Larry Flynt made called, “Nailin’ Paylin.”