• Regarding the Fate of Joseph I. Lieberman, Asshole-CT

First of all, I’d like to float a Lieberman idea I’ve been passing around for a while out onto the net: I want Jon Stewart, this country’s most prominent and beloved Jewish person, to publicly boot Joe Lieberman from the Jewish Community. It would be much more symbolic than the vote that would happen tomorrow, but at least it would give me a good laugh.

Jesse spoke on the Lieberman topic today and I thought I wanted to throw my two cents into this take a penny leave a penny tray we call the internet before the secret ballot vote re: Lieberman tomorrow.

If you didn’t already know what’s going on here, let me set the story by bringing up the other person in the 2008 Presidential Campaign who went from Obama Friend to Obama Backstabber: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama was with him for years, trusted him, even defended him in the shitstorm of GodDamnAmericaGate, for a while, even said he wouldn’t throw the dude under the bus. Then, when Wright continued to be a thorn in Obama’s side, Obama said enough’s enough, Screw You Trinity United, I’ma Goin’ Home.

And to this point, I think a similar parallel can be made for Obama’s connection to a guy, who if he shut his mouth during the recount, and if FL was run right, would probably be ending his second term as Vice President right about now. He and Lieberman liked each other enough so that Obama went down to campaign on Joe’s behalf the CT race when Lierberman was being ousted from the Dems.

So how did Joey support Obama when Barack ran for Pres? Well, he went all Wright and damned Obama on the trail by not only speaking at the RNC, but going on stage and on trail with McCain and Sarah Palin, standing behind Palin during Palling Around With Terrorists Gate, and even saying he thought the “Is Barack a Marxist?” question was, well, a question one should ask out loud to others, rather than never be said because it’s just bullshit.

Yet, Barack still seems to support Joe. Why? When Bill Maher was on Huffington’s hosted version of Maddow, he said that Barack has been one step ahead of liberals who think that he’s about to make a mistake. Maybe he’s smarter than the average liberal right now, but to me, that’s only if he’s not really saying what he thinks to the public, but in fact saying what’s politically expedient.

If Obama is telling the truth about his feelings towards punishing Lieberman, then … I think Barack may have a terminal blindspot when it comes to those he thinks he knows and how his religion might teach him redemption, even when people don’t deserve it. I honestly don’t think it will matter much if Joe Lieberman puts an R next to that “-CT,” if Barack can beat the Clintons, than Joe can be overcome.

But then again, maybe he thinks he has to publicly support Lieberman, that if he doesn’t he’ll be written up as Politics as Usual. My inner conspiracy theorist, who wishes that Nick at Nite would pick up The X-Files, thinks that Barack may be actually sending a behind closed doors message to the dems to sink Lieberman. That the HRC as Secretary of State thing is political camo, to distract the media from what would be their big story if not for the chance to talk about Bill and Barack and their feelings towards each other. This is more far fetched than my Jon Stewart vs. Joe Lieberman bit, so I think we’ll all have to admit that Barack might not be right about Joe. The difference between Lieberman and Wright, is that maybe just maybe, Lieberman can be useful to someone. It’s doubtful, but nothing’s impossible, only improbable.


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