• Links, WithAPassion.com style (brief and snarky, you know how it is)

Dear Lorne Michaels, here is your new Obama impressionist. Let Armisen spend his SNL’s awkwardly making out with dudes like he did last Saturday.

But on a more real note, let me say that since Our Tanking Economy is all of our newest interest, I’ll try and do some coverage here. By some coverage, I mean I read Krugman’s blog and will try and share things if they warrant the space or more importantly, if I can understand said items. Today, Krugman goes all Nate Silver on the numbers and shows our economy is inextricably linked to the world economy.

Also in bailout news, here’s a shocker: Hank Paulson is starting to think that the bailout money, that $700 billion of ours, he may not want to spend it all right now. You know, be … smart about it?

Obama may have to put down the blackberry, but it’s kind of sad because that might have more to do with a fear of being on record saying something he wouldn’t want to associate himself with, rather than, you know, not being that dick in the movie theater with a glowing screen coming out of their pocket. Arianna brings up an interesting point tonight, we’ve got some smart bastards, why can’t they write a hack-proof program for Obama and only Obama?

Remember Rick Warren from the Saddleback Ranch Dialogue between Obama and McCain? Turns out he’s a much much bigger douchebag than anyone in the MSM was letting people know.

Either Prince is a homophobe or Perez Hilton has a better fact checking set up than The New Yorker. The end result is sure to boggle minds.

So I gave a little cred to Kutcher for his Big Oil should bail out Big Auto idea, but in the rarely mentioned (at least here at withapassion.com/, where this and the Prince blip are sole recent moments, to the best of my knowledge) topic of celeb gossip, I should point out a series of back and forths between Kutcher and Dan Savage that, if true, reveal Ashton Kutcher to be … well, either a homophobe or just plain uncomfortable with his name and homosexuality being bandied about together. Are those the same thing? Tell me loyal commenters.

Mark Cuban and Martha Stewart now have something else in common aside from being dicks, Insider Trading! Deadspin explains.

Finally, what the fuck Missouri, where are your fucking votes?


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