• Two And Counting (AKA: What Are You Waiting For?)

McCain seemed almost conciliatory on SNL last night. Cindy still looked batshit evil. They even got a dig in on Palin 2012 with nary a batted eye from either McBush.

The Obama’s Aunti story passed through the central nervous system of the media, except there are still some marks of it in the anus of the media, Fixed Noise and Drudge, as I’ve said before, two websites that starting November 5th, I’ll be happy to not have to look at again for years.

The National Polling Average is at BHO +6.5 pts.

So what am I doing with my Sunday, well, as SundayTalk put it on Kos late last night, GOTf’nV. Getting out the fuckin’ vote. Phone banking’s for me today. I remember doing it in the twilight hours of the Kerry campaign at Bard, in a small room in one of the unused dorms. How things have changed. Today, I go to phone bank at the 40/40 club.

Find out how you can, here: http://my.barackobama.com/page/content/novvolunteers

What are you waiting for?


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