• I guess it’ll be a November Surprise Now? (3 and counting)

So, the final friday before Election Day has passed. Nothing big really, unless you’re easily scared by Drudge and his Zogby breaking news, which Nate Silver broke down with The Quickness, as I bet his e-mail box was overflowing with panic, or his Obama’s Aunt is here illegally news, said report which was then smacked and queried by TPM. Tell that to Fox, though, who’s running with it big photo style.

Some blog in the wordpress dashboard claims they have an agreement with Fixed News about the dreaded Michelle Obama tape. Why wouldn’t they release it tonight, though? It’s 3 Days and counting now, 3 days!

Maher questioned how happy the wonks out there will be happy when this thing is over. I know I’ll be happy* because, well, then I don’t have to use Drudge or Fox again for another 3.5 years, for crying out loud. Then I don’t have to worry about the shit that water carriers from the GOP like Amy Holmes say on Real Time and if anyone believes their bullshit anymore.


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