• Regarding Sports

My world series alliegance really is not placed in either team. I’d like Tampa Bay to win to give Nate Silver some props for having predicted they’d have a smash season. I’d like Philly to win for Gruber and the rest of Philly nation who have supported the team more than the TB “fans” have, who hasn’t seen a game there in the regular season and spied the empty fields of seats at the Trop.

A recent blog post by Will Leitch over at NY Mag spoke to why the Knicks may be a decent team this year. This scares me. What if the Knicks become a team I have to root for, because I’ve still yet to see them win one? 9-year-old Henry is still hurting from the Reggie Miller game. From the finger roll. From watching Jeff Van Gundy have worse rings under his eyes than Ashley Todd.

The Yankees, we’ll see what they do in the post season. I want to see the rotation solidify. A big name arm will probably be signed. Who knows.

And I want Curt Shilling to die while campaigning for McCain, which I assume he is, as he did for W. in ’04.

The New York Football Giants. I’ve followed them this whole season. It’s weird. I’m not buying an Eli jersey any time soon, but this is the first time I’ve ever tracked a team throughout a season.


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