• As the world turns [me twenty-four years old] …

… let’s focus on the election. I can come to grips with getting slightly older in a week and a half when this big scrum is over.

Before I get to the post I was working on, here’s a great link from Chuck Todd: Chuck Todd: African-American Turnout Putting Deep Red States In Play (VIDEO). BAM!

Here’s Fox News doing some not so subtle race polticking:

Coming into the 2nd to last Sunday before Election day, if you’re as down in the numbers as McLame is, you want a campaign narrative you control. Not one that’s basically saying your campaign and your vice president are all in it for themselves, and that she’s probably got a graphic designer drawing up a Palin 2012 logo.

David Frum is going all Chicken Little, talking up the potential for McCain Palin 08 to take down the entire Republican Party. Wait, I thought Dubya already did that?

The two-faciest cockknob in Washington, Joe Lieberman, is trying to talk his way back into the Obama camp’s good graces now that the Repubs are on the run.

Bill “The Weekly Non-Existent-Standard” Kristol, big time Palin cheerleader, is pissed at the McCain/RNC coalition for their mishandling of Palin. Who’d have thought that the Republicans would be the ones with party unity concerns.

Nate Silver is everywhere, now having written a big piece on the long shot McCain has to pull off to win, for the NY Post of all people.

Arizona, his home state, is not a lock anymore for McCain.

Even CNN is echo chambering the McCain and Palin camps Tension Story:

Sarah Palin is losing it even more than usual, as she’s referring to Barney Frank as “Uncle Barney Frank.”

Brian Williams making the McCain camp own their hoax promoting.

Watch out Jewish Voters, The RNC says: Obama will bring the 2nd Holocaust!

At least someone thinks John McCain is going to win. Hint: It’s John McCain!

In Non Political News:

Amy Poehler and Will Arnett welcomed Archie Arnett into the world last night.

Two A-Holes Go To Sterling Cooper on SNL last night, featuring sweet sweet cameos.

More videos from last night’s Don Draper hosted SNL.

The New York Times explains how meaningless Facebook Event RSVP Statuses are:

I would learn, when I asked some people who didn’t show up the next day, that “definitely attending” on Facebook means “maybe” and “maybe attending” means “likely not.”

And finally, just in time for nobody to be able to afford an HDTV: this spring, MSNBC to finally go HD.


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