• It’s the Home Stretch, strewn with B-Faced Liars, Rogue Mavericks, and New Jersey, Oh My!

Kids, if the NY Times says it isn’t over for McCain, it isn’t over (yet). You will vote on November 4th. You will vote on November 4th. I’m required to tell you this as a paranoid democrat afraid of losing. That we’re only worrying about turnout, rigging, and complacency at this point, that’s staggering.

So, you know how Sarah Silverman and others are encouraging people to visit their elders and convince them to vote Obama? Well, my mother has already, but she’s been unsuccessful so far in trying to convince some family to smarten up already. Luckily for me, I don’t need to try or care, as they’re all in NJ or NY. NY is a given in it’s Obama support, and according to Nate Silver, so is New Jersey. Which is kind of funny to me, the only republicans I know are in both of these states, and neither vote R. That being said, if McCain/Palin wins, I’m contemplating never talking to a couple of family members again. My dad’s side of the family has an Obama DELEGATE in it, why can’t the other side of the aisle be as modern?. If Obama wins, though, I’m wearing my Vote Obama/Biden on Nov. 4 shirt to Thanksgiving.

I guess nobody listens to Joe Lieberman anymore, if they did, I bet this quip of his would be getting more play:

“Thank God, she’s not gonna have to be president from day one, because McCain’s going to be alive and well,”

Maybe that’s in response to the NY Times article about the undisclosed health of the candidates, but either way, it makes Joey Biden’s mouth-footer pale in comparison.

As of right now, Obama has a 9pt lead in Pollster’s poll of polls, and a 7.9pt lead in the clearly right leaning, Washington Times linking, RealClearPolitics’ aggregate. These numbers are before Obama got some good news in the recent 1pm Gallup update, as he’s now at 9, 8, and 7, depending on which of their metrics you use, which, respectively, are a +1, +1, and +2, when compared to yesterday for Obama.

When it comes to the Electoral College, which Hodgman told us at the event at B&N Union Square last week is in the shitty town of Electoral, Obama’s got the leads in both RCP & Pollster‘s electoral maps at 306 to 157, leaving 75 electoral college points out as tossup for the moment. Those states being Florida, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Montana, and Nevada. How those states are the tossup states, that’s hysterical at a week and a half out of election day. Further adding to the snowball’s chance in hell meme, is that Nate Silver’s odds of victory pie chart look like a very full Mr. Pac-Man right now, 94.9% to 5.1%. Insane.

Then the circus that the election has become just warps further and further with stories like:

(HuffPo) The Sarah Palin Insurgency!

(HuffPo) Joe the PO’d Brother of John the GOP Nominee, calls 911 because … he’s stuck in traffic.

(TNR) Recent McCain advisor voted early, and he voted Barack. Why? Sarah Palin.

(Politico) Palin allies report rising campaign tension.

And because you knew I’d have something to say about it, here’s a run through of Ashley B-Faced Todd’s stupid bullshit.

Let’s watch the perp walk for Ashley the Liar, who stands to be Joe the Plumber’s BFF when she gets out of this pickle.

For some great breakdown of Ashley and how Drudge pushed this story harder than Frank Lucas pushed that white, check Jeffrey Feldman’s article on Huffington Post out. But even the rest of the media is having some fun ripping the right wing for their coverage, as CNN’s Rick Sanchez murks Fox News, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Newsday, over their shitty coverage of the most disturbed batshit crazy woman in Pittsburgh, now-former phone bank operator, Ashley Todd. And guess what? She’s now being thrown under the bus and distanced from by the lowest of the low: her own College Republicans. Who did Rick leave out? Oh, how about the McCain campaign for pushing this load of horse shit. Ashley Todd, whose Twitter feed where she laughed about lying to PA homes while phone banking for McCain is now on lockdown, is now quoted by CBS as being “upset with the media for blowing this into a political firestorm.” Well, that’s what happens when they let the short bus kids play with flame throwers, the media has to cover the engulfed wreckage. I wouldn’t have learned about their site if not for the URL that CNN credited for the backwards B faced Todd, but Sarah Palin’s supporters refer to themselves as an Army. They are aaaaass-holes. The site runner is even going so far as to predicting that Obama will be killed on his first day in the White House.


AlJazeera is the first actual news source that brings the mic to the racist dumbass Palin rally supporters, one of whom said, “he thinks us white people are trash.” Ignorance mixed with pride is dangerous as fuck.

In other news:

As reported on their news page, and here linked to by Andrew Sullivan at his The Atlantic blog, Apple Inc. has taken a stand and put $100,000 on No on Prop 8.

Emily Nussbaum on how last weekend’s Mad Men was a game changer in terms of the entire series.

Funny clip from Colbert, talking about KO’s rant style.


One Reply to “• It’s the Home Stretch, strewn with B-Faced Liars, Rogue Mavericks, and New Jersey, Oh My!”

  1. No Blue States, America is Beige. Beige Revolution. Just like the pestel revolutions in Yougreen and Tealand. We must take to the streets to make sure all of these ballard security farces don’t prevent an Obama Presidency. Malcom Bruge.

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