• Egg, a short review.

So, in need of sustenance, and in a deep haze called The Uncommonly Terrible Cold, I made it out yesterday for brunch at Egg, on North 5th nr. Bedford in Williamsburg.

In a word, awesome. Tip of the hat to Sweeetheartfever, the blogger whose name I’ve still somehow yet to learn, as she recommended Egg as a place to brunch.

I had the:

Country Ham Biscuit

Country ham from Col. Bill Newsom’s Hams in Princeton, Kentucky. Served on a biscuit with homemade fig jam, Grafton cheddar, and a side of grits.

Instantly after ordering it I realized I also wanted the:

Eggs Rothko . . . $7.50

Easy-cooked egg in a slice of Amy’s brioche and topped with Grafton cheddar. Served with broiled tomatoes and a side of meat or seasonal vegetables

So waiting for my meal to get there, I kept thinking about my decision. But the meal I got was so fantastic, I decided, hey, there’s always next time for the Eggs Rothko. A meal I concerned myself over because hey it’s a placed called Egg, why didn’t I order something with eggs?

One thing, though, it’s packed. Bring reading material. It’s also packed with kids who look like the kids I went to Bard with. It’s near the Bedford stop, anyways, so that’s to be expected.


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