• What are a couple of shit stirring Mavericks to do?

The Home Stretch.

Aside from outbursts on the campaign trail, which we have no way of predicting, there are only two really likely interesting moments left on broadcast television when it comes to this election prior to November 4th, Election Day. One of them definitely has the chance to be the supposed game changer that John McCain is in desperate need of, the other, well, will probably be benign.

The first, is of course, this upcoming Wednesday’s final presidential debate, wherein I’m sure the focus is going to be on how civil John McCain can actually be to Barack Obama while still pushing against him on policy.

After the Friday John McCain has had, it’s his only route, unless he really wants the media to tie him down to the crazy bigots attending his events. This debate is interesting because if Obama stays strong and protects himself from any punches McCain might have stored up, he could make it a clean sweep. The format and details:

Third Presidential Debate
Date: October 15 Site: Hofstra University – Topic: Domestic and Economic Issues – Moderator: Bob Schieffer – Staging: Candidates will be seated at a table – Answer Format: Same as First Presidential Debate – Closing Statements: At the end of this debate (only) each candidate shall have the opportunity for a 90 second closing statement.

do not seem to give either candidate an advantage, which is to say Obama, who has been the better debater thus far, which may have more to do with McCain flailing around with references to the civil war and hair transplants than Obama’s own performances. And it is almost for just this reason, that he has a perceived advantage in independents polling after debates, that he needs to be able to close this one out. To completely end it. After this day, there are no more scheduled events where BHO and JSM will share a stage, unless the economy requires fake campaign suspension again, that is.

The last interesting event prior to election night is a shit in my stocking of an early birthday present on October 25th, a scant half hour before I turn 24, at around 11:35pm EST when Sarah Barracuda invades Saturday Night Live, the home of the liberal elite sketch comedy media (well, Elite in one sense, not the qualitative sense).

Does she show up, in spite of the Troopergate Probe released saying she “unlawfully abused her authority.” I think the skit that would fit her the best right now has her talking with Hammond’s Bill Clinton, comparing abuse of power scandals.

Palin has been claiming in the aftermath of T-Gate that it does not matter as it says she did nothing illegal. What is interesting about the T-Gate report is that it calls her character into question, the same area where Palin and McCain were trying to hammer Barack on for the last week or so in regards to Ayers and the rest. They could turn her answer to this report into a joke, but i do somewhat doubt that will happen.

If this appearance were to be about actual comedy and such, I’d say she should be involved in whatever Mad Men parody that host Jon Hamm is involved with. She could play Joan Holloway’s evil twin or the character herself. Those knobs called Coldplay will be the musical guest. Odds on Chris Martin wearing an Obama shirt? Likely. Odds of an Obama victory? Better by the day.


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