• The Daily Ritual: Coffee

“Small Iced Coffee, Unsweetened.”

That’s how I order my coffee. Usually done at the Starbucks on 23rd and Park Ave South. Which is around the corner from my office.

Preamble first, so you see where I’m coming from on this habit that most have been on forever. Before, let’s call it, senior year of college, I didn’t really fucks with coffee. I had dabbled in the drink, but had always found myself too impatient to wait for it to cool down from what Kenneth on 30 Rock calls “The Devil’s Temperature.”

When staying awake was a major concern, Euro History in High School with Snook if any Packer survivors are reading this, this being back when he threatened to kick me out of the class for falling asleep (side note: if he didn’t give us such dense readings every day, I wouldn’t stay up so late, yes that’s why I was always tired, so sheltered back then) I found my caffeeine in Red Bull. Red Bull, that evil evil combination of the tastes of Pez, Seltzer, and Gatorade.

At some point in college, I realized Red Bull wasn’t taking anymore. That leads me to my Jessie Spano caffeeine pills incidents, the last of which ended at Bard’s Karaoke night, me performing “I’m So Excited” and ending it by tossing Caffeeine Pills into the audience.

So back to coffee. It’s mostly been a phenomenon of the post Bard years that I’ve been able to get decent coffee. The brunch coffee at Elote is servicable, but the thing about them is that they only serve it hot. Which I get. Except I love it ice cold. Much better for savoring the flavors. Much better for having the coffee black, too.

The daily iced coffee routine started back when I was in Williamsburg and Gimme Coffee was just so nice with their iced. Around the time Winter started though, Gimme decided they weren’t going to do iced coffee in the same way, they then kept a pitcher in a fridge. The results of which were not at all close to what I’d gotten used to. So I moved to tea, I think. Or something?

I’ve started a plan to go to as many coffee places as possible and rate their offerings. Today’s was the sometimes oddly enough reccomended Dunkin Donuts. C+. Watered down and burnt. Nothing more to say than that.

Finally, from Sunday to hopefully middle of next week, I won’t be blogging as much. My laptop’s going in for repairs, as Apple is finally admitting that the Nvidia chips in their MBP line can shitty the display up. See my first encounter with this B.S. here.


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