• Links A Plenty, also Barack is up by 11 in Gallup.

In addition to all of this, one of my favorite political writers is about to start blogging (again?). I’d rather not say who, as it was said in a quasi private aside, but let me say, I’m fucking hyped. I’ll be quick to blast the noise here once it’s more public.

Please Lorne, do not have Sarah Palin on the Thursday Weekend Update Desk Thingamabobit.

Cindy McCain, the she-male crypt-keeper, not that there’s something wrong with she-males but there’s something wrong with this one, scares the shit out of me.

MI: If you torture us with Palin, please give us Fey to cleanse the now shit stained palate.

John McCain, and I quote, “My Fellow Prisoners,” EPIC FUCKING FAIL.

Andrew Bird was fucking awesome @ the bland Hiro last night.

Mmmm, it’s like Christmas early in OH, or as I’ll now refer to it, SnOhio.

Andrew Sullivan highlights the brilliant Tim Dickinson piece on The Make Believe Maverick who is John McCain from the most recent Rolling Stone. It turns out that John McCain has always been a collosal knob.


This ACORN hullaballoo, and it is hullaballoo until proven otherwise, has me hoping that Obama’s lawyering up for 11/5.

As per my earlier post on Drudge’s lack of positive debate spin in McCain’s favor, here are snippits of conservatives shitting themselves over another missed opportunity by their give-a-shit-less leader.

Who was McCain’s real pick for VP?

We are a country with retards that aren’t mentally handicapped, they’re hicks. Any other term than hick does not suffice, and yes, I’m a dick for this comment. But you know what, we all know that.

Twitter reax to the debate.


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