• State of the Blogger

I’ve hit a weird strange point in my life lately. A point where I’m listening to either TV On The Radio, T.I., Madlib, Bob Dylan, or the Santogold/Diplo Top Ranking project.

It’s either a drought or a flood, and I’m sure that not a single hour goes by where I don’t think about the election. I’m really unable to be as optimistic as I sound at times. I’ve said things like “John McCain’s magician’s top hat is out of rabbits at this point, and the one’s he’s pulled, especially that one in lipstick, they’re shitting all over the act.” I’ve said things like that convincingly.

At the same time, I’d forgotten to shave.

At the same time, the polling numbers kept getting better.

I’ve described my week or two of unshaven facial hair so pitiful it looks like what was on the face of Ron Jeremy during one of his sonograms.

So due to the confluence of events, I’ve decided not to shave until the country elects a Democrat, hopefully Barack Obama.

I saw two movies this weekend. Burn After Reading was seriously worse than I needed it to be. Sure Malkovich was in top form, and it’s always fun to see Clooney play a scoundrel, but the more I think about it, the more I was disappointed by McDormand and Pitt. Religulous on the other hand was top notch quality. There was room for more evidence and facts on Maher’s side. Even if the film’s audience is going to be the choir he doesn’t need to preach to, we’d have appreciated more facts. It would have made us feel better.

Uninstalled the air conditioner today. The big Sherlock Holmes chair in the apartment is a perfect fit. The Polish community I live in now was out in full force for their day, which I’d liken to some thankfully more clothed form of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Going to see TV On The Radio on 10/16. Havn’t seen them since the 04 Siren Fest, coincidentally, the only one I really had a whole lot of fun at.

Yours truly has a birthday coming up. Not sure of what exactly I need or want, or want to do for it. I just hope I get a late birthday present of Barack as President. In my mind I’m working on a victory playlist. If there’s no victory worth celebrating, … I might O.E. myself to the point of not being able to make it to the 25th Birthday. Yes, folks, I’m still 23 years old. I also have plans to haul ass down to Mexico and start a new life there if things go to shit.

You know what’s awesome? When a restaurant doesn’t charge your table for the bottle of wine you later find out was in the triple digits in terms of price.

Yes, I’m rambling.

That might be all I have to say at the moment.


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