• It’s October 5th & Things Are (Politically) Great

Let’s see how things are on November 5th.

Deepest concern: McCain has been diverting secret funds not to ad buys in swing state markets, but to lawyer and other election rigging buys and swing states. Literally aside from them stealing the election out from under the Dems, which will be hard to do given the scrutiny this election is going to have and the fact that I’m pretty sure come 11/4 Barack will have nothing more to do than send armies after any illegalities, I’m feeling pretty fucking okay about the outcome. Oh, and there’s still the fear of the Bradley effect, although that’s disappearing by the day.

Reasoning: Barack knows Political Jujitsu, whereas McCain/Schmidt/Palin only know how to try and pants someone, and McCain’s legs don’t work as well as the 6th grader who pantsed you in the 4th grade.

So the next debate is Tuesday, and the early word was that McCain was going to have ads on Tuesday attacking Obama’s connection to Ayers, a story the Times put above the front page fold yesterday. So, the cunning strategist that Barack Obama is, he’s dropping ads on Monday, ripping McCain for being “erratic” and “out of touch.” See video Below:

Best defense is a good offense. And how do we really know John McCain is erratic? He picked Sarah Palin to be his VP. Here she is talking about her beliefs, which she got from Madeline Albright and a Starbucks cup:

And I quote that there’s “a place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” You know what, Sarah Barracuda? Some women think you don’t support other women, see your policy & beliefs on Abortion, and John McCain’s vote on Equal Pay for Equal Work for the rationale that those women, and some men like myself, use to believe that your fate is far from positive.

You know, us East Coast Liberals do not like you, and it’s not because you’re a woman. It’s because of your policies. There’s a shirt they sell in Union Square that has Sarah with devil horns and a devil’s tail on it. I’d have gotten it, but then I realized that I don’t need any more reminders of one of the worst women in the public eye since Medusa. And unlike mega knob Rich Lowry, Sarah Palin’s evil powers don’t work on myself or anyone with a functioning brain.


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