• Pre-Debate Thoughts

I promise you some fun over on Twitter. Click on this photo to go to the twitter.

And we’re back.

McCain Dropping Out of Michigan is insane. Thankful that KO reminded me of it.

Claire McCaskill, who is on Olbermann is amazing.

It’s sad that being even close to condescending to an ignoramus is a problem in this country.

I don’t think Palin talking about her being a mother helps her at all, as some have said tonight. America doesn’t give a fuck about her kids anymore. Swing voters want to know that Palin is competent, and this might help them forget the Couric interviews if they so want or didn’t see them at all.


Her fave VP is Geraldine Ferraro? Maybe b/c Ferraro is a racist who hates Obama?


So, the bar is set low, right? How can Sarah Palin lose?

Palin stays at her Couric level, or below, she loses.

In my far fetched on my way home daydream, I came up with the other way she loses: Palin blurts out the N-Word.

So I’m with MSNBC surprise surprise tonight. Chris Matthews couldn’t find more than a single Palin supporter in the crowd gathered outside the event. Good sign.

She won’t be low-balled like she was with Hannity. I think Ifill will be closest to Gibson in comparison to what kind of questioning we’ve seen her recieve in the past.

“Brain Power” is a phrase Matthews seems to be gravitating towards. While I don’t think Sarah Palin has much in terms of brains, I’d not use the phrase. It makes me think of Ron Burgundy talking about “inferior female brains.”

Dougie “McCain Invented The Blackberry” Holtz-Eakin is on now. Ripping on “the arugula middle-class,” Matthews is ripping into him for this, challenging him to be able to define the term and isn’t it just b.s.. He’s saying CBS deliberately edited out the good answers. But didn’t CBS already do this in McCain’s favor?

Okay, pause. I’ll be back mid-K.O..


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