• John McCain and the Pity Vote

I figured it out. John McCain, now withering across the board in the polls, see below, is going to run on Pity.

Oh, my opponent is doing better than me with the “Voters.”

Oh, my opponent got a Harvard Education they worked their ass off for.

And regarding the Back-Ass-Ward Ron Christie, who actually called the debate a draw, fighting against current in the media’s perception, it’s like McPain Inc. is saying, “Hey, look at this cross-eyed retard I’m putting out on the shows for me! What, you want me to lose? You want little talking point reiterating Ronny to lose his job? And isn’t this new 4-week-young GOP so hip and with it by hiring him? He’s black, so you’re voting McCain, right?”

It’s kind of like Nixon with the media, and George Sr. with the media, but you know what, those men weren’t 72 year old gambling addicts who continue to gamble their campaign away on Palin’s and fake campaign suspensions, and lies that say they’re responsible for the bailout bill.


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