• The Legend of WithAPassion: Links To The Past

Yay, the media is doing their job, and covering the Sarah Palin charges for Rape Kits Story!

But that kind of Biased, Totally Biased Steve Schmidt Says, Journalism must stop soon!

Sarah Palin: CLINIC BLOCKER. Tell everyone you know.

Sorkin by way of Dowd: Barack meets Bartlet, it’s good.

As much as I agree with Maher about how we need less religion, Sullivan and Corso are right that Bill is becoming a bigot towards the religious.

Manhunt, a book about the 12-day, well, manhunt, for John Wilkes Boothe in the shadow of the assassination of Lincoln. It’s the source material for the next David Simon project.

Ron Paul runs this Truth Thing.

McCain has to hire a car wash crew to clean the slime off him before he goes to sleep at night.

New trailer for Oliver Stone’s W. This one is HYSTERICAL.

Bloomberg media no likey McCain.

TVOTR news: Dear Science onsale tomorrow, 3rd Brooklyn night onsale Thurs. @ Noon.

Incredibly shocking story about McCain and the POW’s possibly left behind. So well researched the media has no excuse for not reporting on it other than the fact that they’re deferential to the candidate. Thanks to Emilia for reminding me about that one.

Jack Curry shows I’m not the only one who was astonished that Torre was not even mentioned at the end of Yankee Stadium.

Bill Clinton <3’s McCain and Obama Equally. Someone tell Bill there’s a time and a place to be happy and fair, and pre-election ain’t it.


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