• Douglas Holtz-Eakin: The Last McCain Surrogate

So with Carly “Nobody could be a CEO, especially me” Fiorina “disappeared” by the McCain campaign, Phil Gramm long banished, have you noticed that one Douglas Holtz-Eakin has become the go-to surrogate for McLame?

This seems like possibly the last surrogate they have, except I don’t even know why he should be going out there after trying to claim that John McCain was crucial in inventing the Blackberry. Note, he named the black berries when they were discovered, we can’t expect Dougie to know the diff.

What’s I’m getting to here is that one of the post-campaign meme’s in how, if he wins, Barack won, was message control. Yes, there was the whole Hillary’s Campaign Is A Monster moment from Samantha Power who immediately stepped down, but that was way the fuck back in March. Since then, the Obama campaign has been running on all cylinders.

Eakin is on with Blitzer right now, dodging the question as to WHY DOES JOHN MCCAIN HAS FANNY MAE AND FREDDY MAC PEOPLE RUNNING HIS GOD DAMN CAMPAIGN??

If McCain keeps having to send his surrogates away from the cameras, the public might have to only see Holtz-Eakin as his only surrogate as Obama has everyone from:

Austan Goolsbee, weird named Economic Advisor to Barack, who’s really outmatching Eakin in this battle on der Blitzer who’s being a bit of a right leaning hack at the moment, surprise surprise.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz the former Hillary, now rocking for Barack-er, to

Paul Krugman isn’t on official status, but he’s saying McCain’s got no real way to claim he’s not the Mr. Deregulation he’s been for decades. to

Paul Begala who isn’t on the official tip either, plugging his book Third Term, but has enough jokes on McCain to really dig in deep

And that’s only the people who I can name off the top of my head. Also, post-Palin, McCain’s got Romney angry at him. McCain’s also got Ron Paul in refusal to endorse him.

The whole Party unity thing swings the other way, as does, I’ve been showing, message control swing, if you compare Barack to Kerry.


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