• Class War Comes Forefront to the 2008 Election

AP via NYMag Daily Intel
"Don't Cry For Me, Douchebagentina" Photo Source: AP via NYMag Daily Intel

As you might be hearing, as I did from NYTimes.com:

Breaking News 9:54 AM ET:
Financial Bailout Proposal Puts Cost at $700 Billion; Would Raise Debt Ceiling to $11.3 Trillion

I want to smash the shit out of something.

You want some truth? A lot of people are scared of what’s happened on Wall Street, but another large mass of people are happy as fuck that these greedy disgusting douchey Bear Sterns, Lehman Brothers, AIG, ET CET motherfuckers are falling. I was laughing at first. Or at least I was when I thought they were falling. But now they’re getting bailed out and the debt is being passed onto us?

Where’s the fuck damn justice? Where’s the imprisonment? Why aren’t the people who broke the rules getting put in the fucking stockades so the whole country can run down the line distributing hundreds of hand slaps, E. Honda style.

I really think that tapping into this extreme disgust in the country will help whichever candidate can do it best. Justice will need to be served at some point here, won’t it? Something beyond them losing their jobs. That’s happening to the rest of the country, these douchenuggets deserve more. I want trials, I want life sentences, I want to have web cams in their jail cells. I want to end these fucks. That won’t happen, though, I bet.

They’ll get saved because the rich take care of the rich. Barack, you want to earn some ground with bitter folks in the middle of America? Demand Justice.


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