• Linking rather than Sleeping.

I’m not even close to asleep. I’ll try and do something to this measure as often as possible.

The News/Media:

Getting Felons Their Vote Back

HuffPo article on strengthening Washington Mutual, who in fact, I bank with and am not too secure about.

Another Huffing Post, this on Alec Baldwin’s book about how divorces go UUUgly. Also of note, New Yorker feature on Alec Baldwin.

Regarding Washington Post writer Chris Cillizza being a Drudge-ite and general knob.


Bruce Sterling, on gaming 35 years from now. Sterling, whom I’ve met, is awesome.

Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation hates Spore. Not surprising, but still hilarious. Christ, Spore looks stupid as shit.


Diablo Cody says: O HAI H8ERS!


Camp Lo: Lumdi Vid.

Black Milk in the studio.

SLU (Swagga Like Us), sez everybody.

Even Diddy himself.


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