• Writing about, Talking About, and Learning About Sarah Palin

There are three groups of people when it come to Sarah Palin. Also, there are white racists, but they’re not going to be convinced with anything, so that’s all you’re going to hear abut them, except, possibly in your own thoughts about some members of the second group.

The first group, that I’m a part of, when they heard about Sarah Palin, and went onto research and learn of her background, screamed into the sky “WHAT THE FUCK?”

The second group, is similar to the first, but their reaction was a nod, a smile, and a “Gee wiz, isn’t she a great mother and American?” Because they are in the pockets of the sitting party and the corporations who will become richer and richer if the big dumb elephants continue to shit all over the rest of us.

The third, which is hopefully a smaller group than I believe at times, only hears the second group. They only listen to the second group because the second group, at least for the first week of Palin-fest, is the majority of the media. This group of people have been run so ragged by the last 8 years that they’re forced into at least two jobs and don’t even have the time to properly research the politics of the day. The first group does not know how to talk to people who will believe whatever Wolf Blitzer tells them.

This leads to hysteria. This leads to misplaced sensitivity. This leads to ignorance. This leads to me losing sleep over a vice presidential candidate who would tarnish this country more than the senator who plucked her from obscurity. Except that he was the one who plucked her, so her failures, if they happen, are on him. So, here, there is one person to direct the blame at, for it falls to him.

Of course those who knowingly follow the talking points, they are of the second group, are accessories to this potential national disgrace. But, the best place to aim your shit cannons is at the man from the third richest family in Arizona, who has made an election about trying to prove how the kid raised by a single mom on welfare is an elitist and he, divorced from realities of those with one dinner table, is their kind of guy … an argument which is founded in witting or unwitting racism. The man who would be the oldest president ever (and yes, age is a subject on the table, because Age and Death are connected and Death and President shouldn’t be in the same sentence) for giving the Republican Party it’s first female (and yes, gender is on the table, because John McCain might be on record for being party to or telling more sexist jokes than any major politician in decades, ask him about what women think of Ape Rape) vice presidential candidate. And do not talk about how John wanted Lieberman, because unless it can be proven and jump beyond heresay, it deters from the message, that John McCain is, as one music mogul put it, “buggin the fuck out.”

At the reccomendation of a coworker, I’ve just started reading The New Media Monopoly by Ben H. Bagdikian. Like I needed to think about The Media anymore than I already do.


One Reply to “• Writing about, Talking About, and Learning About Sarah Palin”

  1. I’m buggin’ the fuck out because I think Palin is McCain’s ticket to the Big Show. She’s going to energise the conservative base that got Dubya elected twice. *hangs head in disappointment*

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