• Sarah Palin and Why Is It That Women Keep Getting Nicknamed After Kinds of Cats?

This is not an unfair image taken mid speech. This is what Barragh Murphy looks like even when she isn't spouting complete and utter self absorbed bullshit.
This is not an unfair image taken midway into a dialogue. This is what Darragh Murphy looks like even when she isn't spouting complete and utter bullshit. Just imagine the mouth is closed and those dead lifeless eyes are burrowing into what little lifeless trust you have in your fellow humans remains. I mean I know that not everybody who wanted Hillary to be president will obey her spoken will, as many will think she only says it for her stake in the party, but these incredibly self absorbed and self important nothings need to go. Photo: Myself, cell phone camera at screen.

Sarah Palin’s nomination for John McCain’s vice president means we’re all going to learn another word for women that pundits and others love to lump into a single cat-themed nickname: PUMAs. And it started/continued last night, during the return of Real Time with Bill Maher to the air.

That stands for, for those of you who have a life and/or do not identify yourself as a PUMA, Party Unity My Ass, or in more friendly terms, People United Mean Action.

This follows the recent “Cougar” term, see Kim Catrall’s epic career, the word Pussy which is not really gender specific, but demasculating, and the so old timey it’s possible McCain was the one who came up with it term, “Cat Fight.” I’m kind of weirded out by the uniformity in these names, it’s only modern comparison is actually to how Apple Computers names their Operating Systems.

Here’s a quote from the PUMA blog that is both a) an example of their batshit insane foot-in-mouth syndrome, and b) an ill advised attempt at humor which definitely comes across as saying these are the people of a lunatic fringe and deserve your ear no more than Sarah Palin deserves the ear of a major party vice president:

I dont care if you call yourself a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, a New Democrat, or a Polka-Dotted Peruvian Panda.

You psychopaths are not funny. If in your mind a Panda could read this trite, I guess Obama should take the punishment that the sexist-at-times media (girding their loins when they hear Hill speak folks like Tucker “DICK” Carlson, and Glenn Beck). But only one problem:


And there is one real major problem with Sarah Palin, beyond her hard hard right leanings, is that she is a blatant stooge appointment. She is Harriet Miers 2.0. A real life Dolores Umbridge. Why can I say this without worrying that I might be being unfair or belittling someone due to their gender?

Here’s a ticker headline quote for you:


So the time and thought spent vetting Mittens Romney and co. wasn’t important at all? Maybe it taught McCain he doesn’t even want to meet the VP candidates. Palin has ZERO qualifications for being one-very-weak-heartbeat, MCCAIN IS OLD AS FUCK FOR PETE’S SAKE, away from the presidency.

The great Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D) MN is on MSNBC News this morning, and had a quote for why she believes that Sarah Palin isn’t a concern when it comes to Die Hard Hillary Supporters:

I’m not concerned about that because I believe that American Women are smart. And I believe they’re going to go beyond gender to the agenda.

Please, christ, let this be true … we’ve really now found ourselves in an election that will test the willful ignorance threshold of the country. How much do we all really want to be low information voters? How much are elections about identity politics and not judgement, platform, and anything else that actually should matter. This election needs to be a vindication of intelligence in America. Not a vindication for stubbornness, racism, and stoogery. We’ve seen enough of those in our life times.

I agreed with Klobuchar’s sentiment whole heartedly for a while before I even heard her say it, that was, until I was at Time Warner City Cable yesterday. I’m just about dying waiting to replace my cable box for a functioning one, and the elderly women to my right, one of whom was circling her favorite passages in Michelle “Baby Mama” Malkin’s newest NY Post op-ed, and I almost just asked her what is it that makes her waste her time with this newsprinted on toilet paper, but then … Before I could realize it, she moved away to a seat two seats to her right that just opened up, midway into a small tear I was going on about how much of a joke this Palin nonsense is and how it’s just an out and out insult to anyone who supported Hillary. The woman started covering her ear that was closest to me before she walked away, which shows even with old age, maturity is not a guarantee. See John McCain at your airport hilton bar performing “Bomb Bomb Iran” for further evidence.

And then, to see their goal spelled out by the PUMA’s themselves, and read at the PUMA blog:

The Puma Movement … we are united in our goals:

1. No Obama for President
2. No more Howard or the other Architects of this FIASCO at the DNC
3. Support Good Guy Dems

Here, we have the Ralph Nader faction of 2008, which has started out of a fundamental belief that their candidate got robbed. The PUMA’s even compare HRC08 to Al Gore in 2000. They read into speeches with an insane ammount of self absorption that when Hillary Clinton was telling the that this election is too important to waste, they claim that she was telling them to waste, waste away. And to see them thinking that the media’s kind of there sexism is the only thing to worry about rather than the incredibly public racism in both the G.O.P. and the media, which is the only way I can read their belief that Obama had the election given to him by the DNC shows an incredible narrow mindedness.

Later this morning on the MSNBC, Phil Musser, Republican Stategist talking Palin:

She’s at 80% approval in Alaska right now:

Yes, Alaska. Aside from the environment, Alaska is a really really easy fucking state to govern. Especially when you can flip flop on the bridge to nowhere, please MSM don’t give her a free pass on this one, we all expect you will, and surprise us for once, impulsiveness – especially in relationships like the BDSM (you beat and maul us, we wimper in a corner called the internet) one that the MSM has with the country – is sometimes rewarded. I give as much of a fuck about the population of Alaska as I do the population of North Dakota, the 48th most populus state, to Alaska’s 47th. Someone put in as governor of an eenstie weenstie state for less than a term isn’t ready for being one-very-weak-heartbeat away from the presidency. Further: I don’t care about her kids. If having a mentally challenged kid is what makes you a capable candidate then why didn’t he appoint Barbara Bush, at least she’s got some experience under her belt?

He wouldn’t appoint Babs Bush because McCain is partial to, and I’m happy the soon to be 9PM time slotted Rachel Maddow pointed this out, Beauty Paegent Winners/Contestants. This is not only in keeping with McCain’s fucked view of women (AKA: No Abortions, No Equal Wages, No Brains), but the whole McCain meme of still calling himself a maverick, it’s a fucking veneer that washed off ages ago.

Now, Musser, trying to spin the idea that Sarah Palin isn’t a token appointee, because we all know if she didn’t have lady parts, we’d still think “Michael” whenever we heard the name “Palin”:

I say she represents an outsider point of view that is fundamental … and outside of Washington

Just because she lives in Alaska and flip flopped on the bridge to nowhere, she isn’t “outside of Washington,” because, and I’m going to repeat this again and again: she has an insider hard right point of view that is quite closer to fundamentalism than it is to anything else.

And by fundamentalism, I mean she’s anti-abortion. And now this gives the Dems the perfect chance to hammer her and McCain on their want to destroy Roe V Wade and leave it in an alley, visual image intended. And maybe many women are anti-choice, and maybe many women would dress and want to look like Palin does in the following photos:

Why isn't this woman married to Dr. Evil? Credit: HuffPost.
What animals? Fuck putting the polar bears on the endangered species list, put 'em on my shoulders. Credit: HuffPost.
and wearing this just garish outfit that reminds me of Amy Poehler in Mean Girls and screams I'M OF LITTLE DIGNITY Credit: HuffPost.

She gives me the same heebie jeebies that Cindy McCain does, because it’s sad that these empty vessels are probably role models. This whole “respect her story,” bullshit … You know what? Real Respect Real. And this shit is unreal.

The truly unbelievable nature of how these PUMA people act and how McCain really made an offensive pick, however politically smart it is, that is why people refer to these groups of women with animal names. It’s because PUMAs can’t be taken seriously. Then again, when men can’t be taken seriously, they have the common sense or control of the media enough to not get lump sum names, they’re just douchebags with names like Ryan Seacrest or Dick Cheney.

I mean, their impact is real, but their stances and complete bullshit stance to try and “make the DNC pay” by trying to make it so Barack Obama is not elected, thus subjecting the country to 4 years of McCain, who is dead intent on taking away a woman’s right to choose, that kind of self absorption is what people on the right of the aisle try to affix to Barack about being a vapid celebrity. No, it is the PUMA PAC, and John McCain and Sarah Palin who are the vapid ones.

Darragh Murphy is the poster child of these empties, and to prove this, I cite what she blogged, after Hillary’s Great DNC Speech, and I quote:

PUMAS – stay the course.  We expected this.  Our mission has not changed.  This is no longer about Senator Clinton – this is about all of us who have been told to sit down, shut up and fall in line.   This is about all of us in Denver and around the nation who have been counted out.

At least this means that Tina Fey might return to SNL.


3 Replies to “• Sarah Palin and Why Is It That Women Keep Getting Nicknamed After Kinds of Cats?”

  1. Brilliant post. It’s amazing that despite access to so much information, people tend to make such dumb decisions. You said it best when it’s personal self-importance/self-righteousness before common good.

    Sarah Palin is the worst imitation of a feminist that I have ever seen.

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