• re: This American Life #361: Fear of Sleep

Luckily, for me, when I downloaded the newest This American Life podcast, I was focused on something else and didn’t listen to it whilst in bed or before I fell asleep.

If I had, I think I might have been institutionalized. Now, you must be thinking I’m talking with much more hyperbole than usual, which I’d give a slight agreement to, but I have to say that during the 2nd or 3rd act, the one in which they talk about bed bugs, I was so happy that I was awake and walking on the street.

I repeat, detailed history of life with bed bugs. Which infest your books, your bed, your sheets, your everything. You can see into their stomaches? Stuff I would have been stupid to have heard at the ungodly hour of whenever I go to bed O’Clock.

It’s awesome, though. Check it.


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