• Why I Don’t Pay For The Old Gray Lady ★

The Unholy NYTrinity
The Unholy NYTrinity

So earlier today, I read this post by stupid Stanley fucking Fish wherein he utters the words:

I don’t want to save the planet.

I rubbed my eyes. Maybe the over active airconditoning in my office was getting to me. Or me peepers were falling out. I read the page again, and it read the same. And with that moment, I was both bewildered and slightly pleased with myself in that ever pompous way that one tends to be when they’re proven right.

I don’t want to be bigoted against those who don’t want to help the environment … no, actually, yes, I want to be bigoted against those who don’t give a shit about the environment. You don’t care about the environment and you deserve the pack of Hitchcockian birds that are going to eventually descend to pluck your fucking eyes out.

But back to me being proven right. How am I proven right? About a month or so ago I made a decision that had to do with a sequence of events, like when Kristol shat on the MoveOn.Org commercial where a new mother said McCain couldn’t have her son to fight W.’s and Johnny Mac’s retarded fucking war in Iraq; or place it at some point during Dowd’s completely shite coverage of the Dem. Primary, which I’d rather not rehash, in favor of pointing to her further nancying up of Barack. This time she’s done it by comparing him to Mr. Darcy, who I’m pretty sure is the knob that Colin Firth keeps playing on screen.

These three nincompoops, YES, I SAID IT, THEY ARE FUCK DAMN NINCOMPOOPS, are the reason why I don’t pay money for the printed NYT or click on links at the NYT website if I’m directed there for some reason or another. The old bastion has softened over the Bush years and employed a brain trust about as reliable and untrustworthy as the clunker of a rat trap between John McCain’s ears. I don’t know what I could use it for anymore. At least the Bard Free Press was decent TP.

They stop employing one, I’ll actually go to a newsstand and buy copies on the days when I have the time to sit down and read it. They get rid of two, I’ll buy the Sunday Times. All three? Never going to happen, but I’d subscribe for each and every day.

Newsprint I'll Actually Carry

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