• In Bruges, Under All Of Our Radars

So, I’d never seen In Bruges until right now, and I have only myself to blame for it. So, brief thoughts on the matter:

Holy shit, is that … that’s … no fucking shit … Colin Farrell can actually act? Who was keeping this a secret? Aside from Colin.

Brendon Gleeson is a king of all kings.

Ralph Fiennes … what else can be said but christ that man is a talent.

Is that the girl who played Fleur Delacour? Cripes, it is. Wonder if Gleeson was the one who hipped the casting director to her.

American dwarves are hilarious. Especially when they are coked up and forsee … well, I’m not going to spoil that one. Just think to yourself: This movie has all that, plus coked up dwarves.


One Reply to “• In Bruges, Under All Of Our Radars”

  1. Hey, I’ve known that Colin Farrell can act for a long time. He was shockingly good in the mediocre phone booth, and hysterical when he guest starred on Scrubs (my second favorite episode after the Matt Perry one), but the most impressive performance I’ve seen of his–plan on seeing In Bruges before I go back to school–was in Cassandra’s Dream. Damn good performance. So don’t diss Colin Farrell.

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