• How to fix … The (or My) Modern American Office #1 ★

It's simple. Headphones. Hell, Vince Vaugn knew the deal in Old School.

I thought it would take too long for me to get back blogging after last night’s Weeds, but I have to write about this or I’m going to go fucking insane.

You know that stupid fucking song by Gwen “Even If She’s Not A Hollaback Girl She Still Should Be Smacked” Stefani? Okay, too broad a question. Do you know that stupid fucking song of hers where there’s yodeling? I hope there’s only one of these fucking songs because aside from that omnipresent douchetard Akon being on the track, I don’t know how else to describe this sonic turd blossom.

Well, I mention that shit stain of a song because at least thrice a day one of my nearby coworkers has it coming from their speakers. This post isn’t about how much I hate Gwen Stefani, that’s just a conveniently nearby topic to the fact that I’m sick of people not using headphones (or headphones that leak music, I’m looking at you Apple Earbuds) when they’re at their desk. Or any other close quarters situations for that matter, like how I don’t really need to be hearing the reggaeton you’re blasting at 2am on your way home on the L coming out of your buds.

Headphones like the pair silhouetted above do a pretty good job of keeping music in, if it’s at the same kind of volume coming out of the computer speakers of your less than aware coworkers. I use a pair from Panasonic that I make sure to have at work for this reason alone. While I take pride in the music I listen to, I’m sure half, if not all, of the people around me, don’t want to hear it.

So that’s the answer to the How, be respectful and buy a decent pair of headphones. This is the office, not a street corner, and you’re just one of the sheep, not Bill Nun in Do The Right Thing.


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