• Sweet Lord, The New Murs and 9th Wonder, Sweet Lord, is Free.

Murs himself went onto them YouTubes to say something like, so him and 9th are giving us Sweet Lord for free as long as we support his next record Murs For President and future Murs and 9th collabos to be sold for money.

And he even admits that people will steal that record too, in the video on their site, http://www.mursand9thwonder.com/, but hey, I’m gonna be buying that record and you should too. Not that I’m going to be making a pay pal donation like the website suggests. That’s kind of foolish, if you remember when Homer went to a museum with Lisa, you know how few people are going to do a pay pal support. Maybe I will after finishing and liking the record. I don’t know. Will I brag about doing so on here if I do? Probably.

With A Passion, often, means Without Shame.


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