• Domain Name’d Up

If not for Meth, we might not be at this domain today.

So the process has been as such: pad of post it notes, a pen + me scribbling away furiously.

Then, yesterday, I’m walking home and decide that I should try again. That Method Man might have the answers. “P.L.O. Style,” playing, I hear a phrase that makes my inner rap geek chortle with joy.

Commercial rap, hate it with a passion.

Meth is great. But then he tried to ruin it all with the following, the first three of which being Going As Commercial as it Got:

1. Ntogether Now, the song he did with Limp Bizkit.

2. Red & Meth, the short lived Fox comedy.

3. How High, the film he made about smoking a fallen friend’s ashes.

4. Being kind of an asshole in concerts, saying that the crowd isn’t amped enough.

Yet, for all of this, dude is still with a passion. What, of his recent activity, saves him in my book is dude was Melvin “Cheese” Wagstaff on The Wire, for fuck’s sake. I repeat: With. A. Passion.

Even when he fell into the crowd at Webster Hall, and I braced his fall, saving him from murking hisself, he’s been with a passion.

Which, as one coworker put it this morning, most of what I do is with as well. Not the same, or close. Maybe, I wouldn’t say that myself. Either way, this is the 2.0 Start. Heads and Hands up, people.







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