• The Metrics of a Return.

That, is your present for sticking around.

To be discussed in the next … let’s say Month:

+ The Election and The Media. How the latter needs the former and will fuck with it in any way shape or form. Yes Couric, I’m looking at you.

+ Nas’ new record, it’s title, and why the two are forever connected. And how that could be a very bad thing.

+ The Dark Knight, and why Tom Houseman’s review is so bloody wrong that it kills me to be putting him in the blog roll.

+ Dr. Horrible, which was anything but.

+ Greenpoint. A new apartment. Furnishing said apartment. A fire in the street. The small world we live in, and more.

+ Apple. … Well, we’ll see about that. Something in relation to the computer and software maker is soon to follow on this blog. Guaranteed. There’s a lot to talk about. This upcoming product transition. “Real Dan.” iPhone 2.0. How I don’t own an iPhone yet.


One Reply to “• The Metrics of a Return.”

  1. Dear Henry,

    Since you are back, I shall be too. The Olympics has brought me to the one year mark of my blog–it is time for a glorious return. Keep your eyes peeled for a new post tonight/tomorrow am and then one about the Team USA vs. The Canidiots tomorrow.

    Welcome back. Now that you’re moved, lets catch up sometime soon. I saw a Wale concert at SOB’s two weeks ago and expected to bump into you. Make it happen.

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