• We Are Somewhere New, And It’s Now

Today marked the start of July and the start of a new era, the Greenpoint era. Note: whenever I pack boxes to move, I get “We Are Nowhere, And It’s Now” stuck in my head. Thank you Judd Apatow.

I’ve done the walk from the Bedford L to the apartment a few times now, and I’m pretty happy with the 12 blocks + McCarren length distance.

Just a note so that my expected hiatus isn’t attributed incorrectly amongst the people goodly enough to read this. That stuttering problem I had with the MacBook Pro has been so annoying that this Sunday I’m going to take it in to an Apple store for repair. Yes, yes, I’ve already been less frequent, and there’s been some behind the scenes chaos here at Hypothetical Genius, but this is a see you later. Tomorrow’s Brown Bag’s show at the Knitting Factory, Thursday is moving in day the second, Friday is the 4th aka party hardy, and Saturday is … well … more of Friday. Then Sunday is when this thing goes into the shop.

So I leave you with these words of thought from those guys that call themselves The Hold Steady:

We’re gonna build something, this summer
We’re gonna build something, this summer
We’ll put it back together- raise up a giant ladder
With love, and trust, and friends, and hammers (This summer!)
We’re gonna lean this ladder up against the water tower
Climb up to the top, and drink and talk (This summer!)


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