• 2 George Carlin Jokes

Last summer, I was lucky enough to see George Carlin perform at The Orlean casino in Las Vegas. How lucky I truly was, I didn’t know until late last night when my dad informed me of the passing of this comedy legend.

Tonight, Olbermann ran the interview he conducted with Carlin last autumn, but I’d like to remember Carlin with two jokes I had the good fortune of writing down in a chat with a friend after I’d gotten back from Vegas. Sorry if these aren’t worded exactly how Mr. Carlin said them, but I believe they still carry the same punch. For the record, he got just as many hisses for these jokes as he got laughs, and after getting said hisses he scolded the audience, telling them that they’d be repeating these jokes in the car ride home, and for days to come. If only he knew I’d be repeating them to you all today:


How does the mountain redneck girl know when her mother’s having her period?
When her brother’s dick tastes funny.


So, a Daughter sees her father walk out of the shower.
She asks him, “daddy when am I going to get a penis?”
The Father says, “When Mom leaves for work.”
Carlin on this joke: See, it’s surprising because the audience didn’t see the twist coming. The twist being that the mother has a job.

Mr. Carlin, I salute you, with the seven words salute:

Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits.


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