• At Least The Mets Still Suck

Celtics won the NBA Championship in the same decade as the Sox winning the Series and the Pats winning the Super Bowl. The Aughts are the most horrendous sports decade ever, except for Eli Manning beating Tom Brady a few months ago. Always gotta remember that one.

At the same time though, perennial bitch factory Shea Stadium still is home to the most 2nd rate team on the planet. Not just in players this time, but in GM Mental faculties. Who’d have thought it would take Minaya to make Hank Steinbrenner look like a sane decent person? I think we’ll see Willie recover, maybe even come back to the pinstripes. He could be a good base coach or something. I don’t particularly see him wanting to be in a big spotlight anymore.

And it even spilled over into last night, Reyes acting like a snot nosed brat when he got pulled from the game. Santana being a chump, again.

No links, still, because all of this stuff is old news. No PShop because I’m a little busy.


2 Replies to “• At Least The Mets Still Suck”

  1. What the ef? Not only are you dissing all the teams I root for but also the team I work for? Bitch factory? Need I remind you of Mets hospitality in the way of a free Drumstick?

  2. I’d buy Minaya a case of drumsticks if he admitted he was a ginormous cocknozzle for the late night non-booty-call-firing of Willie.

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