• Judging Hillary

… is not a new show on TNT.

1:16 PM: A-. It was a bit late, depending on your P.O.V., but that was a good speech, despite being a bit copy-pasted with it’s many endings. Bill and Hillary, the first Tolkienesque Family. Ran just under a half an hour, though, and could have ended a little stronger.

1:11 PM: “Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward.”

1:09 PM: “We will someday launch a woman into the White House.” – Out of context that’s HILARIOUS.

1:03 PM: New Early Afternoon Drinking Game, a shot for every, “That is why we have to elect Barack Obama our president”

1:02 PM: Yep. She telegraphed that line: “Today I am standing with Barack Obama to say ‘Yes We Can‘,” damn. I didn’t think she was going to borrow the rhetoric this soon.

1:01 PM: Wait, is she going to say …

1:00 PM: Hammering home that it’s about putting a DEMOCRAT in the White House.

12:59 PM: Reminding us that Bill had 2/3 of the democratic presidential terms in the 40 years she’s been in politics.

12:58 PM: “No exceptions, no excuses,” HRC on Universal Health Care (and the one policy difference that we really can remember between her and Barack).

12:56 PM: Holy shit, this is a decent speech. She’s doing her best. I’m happy about this. Happy for her, even.

12:55 PM: “The way to continue our fight is to … do all we can to elect Barack Obama the next president of the United States.” Big applause. Some boos, but BIG APPLAUSE line. She’s used the word suspend, and ENDORSE, and FULL SUPPORT. We know from MSNBC people that suspend is more about the money. “Barack Obama has lived the American Dream,” hot damn what a quote.

12:53 PM: The Invisible Americans line.

12:52 PM: She’s met a lot of people.

12:51 PM: This 18 Million Number, and this list of many peoples who have at one point or another voted for her.

12:50 PM: Talking about an ornery man who voted for her in the place of his dead wife.

12:49 PM: “To the young people,” meaning a 13 year old in this reference.

12:47 PM: They won’t let her talk, all this applause. I wonder how many people there are Obama people. /Snark.

12:44 PM: It’s on. 8-9K there, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea, and Hillary’s mother are there. Reports are saying that she’ll be talking about what’s at risk. That her female supporters who she loves for supporting her have a lot of reason to stop McCain from being elected president. That makes the most sense to me.

In 2 hours, we will have the end of Hillary’s run for the president. I’d taken the week off of Clinton coverage, choosing not to Zapruder her Victory Speech on Tuesday night, and this might be the last you see me talking Hillary on this site.

Unless we see some god awful ridiculous rhetoric out of Hillary, that whole undercutting thing from Tuesday, I’ll be keeping things civil. So what I’m saying is if my rating for the speech runs near “She’s Insincere”-ville, it’ll be dicey. So, follow this post for live updates regarding the speech.

11:55: HRC running at least 10 minutes late. Not sure why.

Noon: She still hasn’t left yet. I’m … not going to say anything yet. The back of my mind has been saying “I’ll believe it when I see it.” I’m starting to wonder if there could be ANY possibility that I won’t be seeing it.

12:15: MSNBC’s Ron Allen says that 1. Hillary’s always late. 2. She’ll be in possibly at 12:45. 3. Her speech shouldn’t be longer than 20 to 30 minutes. So not cool.


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