• More imagery from today’s R&B Debacle, Courtesy of NYT

This piece of photojournalism — what I’d label NYT laughing at how stupid HRC supporters look — was on the front page of their website today.

“A supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton was disappointed by a deal to give delegates from Florida and Michigan half-votes.”

I won’t mock Hillary here, but her supporters are fair game:

Harold Ickes: King Dickbag

They look ridiculous.

The anger among some voters was palpable. John Winkleman, from Sunnyside, Queens, yelled in protest after the vote.

With a wink-leman and a nodd, I feel sorry for Queens.

Kim Frederick shouted to the committee that it had handed the election to John McCain. The vote gave Mrs. Clinton a net gain of 24 delegates over Mr. Obama. She now lags behind Mr. Obama by about 176 delegates, according to The New York Times’s tally.

Really? REELIE? You think people in Florida really are going to find this to be their moment of disenfranchisement? Or are you just unhappy your candidate didn’t get their unreasonable demands.


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