• In Which Bullet-points are … Pointed?

> Detroit: Beat Boston. If you don’t, and the Lakers do, you’ve concluded a cycle for me. I loved you for beating LA and I’d love whomever can eliminate Boston.

> People who go to Shea Stadium: It gets cold. Bundle Up.

> I promise not to bring up HRC2008 again unless the protest of the Rules & Bylaws Committee Protest gets out of hand and she doesn’t apologize for it. Or if she campaigns for McCain again. Basically, here’s the agreement: she stops making things harder for Obama (The Democratic Party’s Nominee in the minds of anyone with any intelligence left) and I stop complaining. Anything else and things will continue as normal. I need a way to vent about her, not many people read this blog to destroy party unity, and it’s morbidly fun.

> Remember how I took a while to mention the glitch in my MacBook Pro? Hello 10.5.3, Glitch Disappeared Like Poof-*****-B-Gone!

> My personal trainer, Rachel, she rocks. Former Marines tend to rock.

> When will they change the cover for Tha Carter III? LA Reid and oversensitive Wal Mart execs made Nas change his record title, Wayne’s cover is more offensive than anything since the R. Kelly Pee Tape.

> Speaking of which… Kels … you are fucked. Hire Riley Freeman.

> Phrase of the day, “built like a wedding cake.”


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