Because Nobody Else Is Buying Her Shit

Now, the Clinton camp, Terry “I’m-On-Meth-and-Crack” McAuliffe in particular, is blaming the Obama camp for misleading the public about Hillary’s implosion of a faux pas. Oh, and again he’s using Fox News, the bastion of truth telling, as his pulpit. What a dick-weed.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, because god knows subtlety is nicer, but now they’re spitting in our face and telling us Obama’s the mystery second spitter. Superdelegates: either today or tomorrow, come out for Obama en masse. I want to see the political equivalent of Kano ripping a heart out in Mortal Kombat, but actually the original Clinton quote acts in that measure already, albeit self-immolatively.

Let’s send Hillary packing for Chappaqua and an empty future.


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