• RIP Camu Tao

According to El-P, we’ve lost another great rapper.

Someone’s said this before, but why does Vanilla Ice get to live? What, is he like Michael from LOST, bound by fate to stay alive to redeem himself at some point? Sorry, I had to make a joke. That’s how I do.


2 Replies to “• RIP Camu Tao”

  1. what el-p said is correct. camu was a genius. to have the type of clout he had without every really publishing a record speaks volumes about his talent and raw skill. not to mention being a member of one of the most progressive crews out “the weathermen” with the likes of aesop, el-p, yak ballz and cage… i always wondered why the weathermen never made a c.d. but started talking about the first weathermen c.d. this year. maybe they were waiting to see if camu would get better… anyway, enough of this novel i’m writing…..REST IN PEACE MU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was surprised when I heard about this…and the saddest part of this is that NOW his music will reach people that may have never known he existed!

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